Modiphius Organised Play

Are you passionate about our games? Do you love to meet new people and become friends with them as you have fun playing a miniatures game together? Are you 18+ and capable of showing the ropes to a new generation of tabletop gamers? Join the ranks of the Silvershields and help us and your local store create and develop the best communities around!






The Silvershields are volunteers who love our miniatures games, and their local community and store. We all know the value of investing your hard-earned time off, to set up a nice event for strangers and friends alike to have a fun time playing their favourite game.

This program Is here to help you organise and schedule your events, and gather your friends and family around your favorite games, in your favorite shop.

In exchange for your continued effort, the reward system is here to thank you for helping us make the best games on the market be even more popular and successful. We will endeavour to help you as much as you help us, through this program.

Rules and Principles

Of course, there are a few rules and principles:

  • This organised play program is voluntary only. Modiphius will never tell you what to do or how to do it. We will never limit you to one store or another and you’re part of the program only as long as you want to be. That also means that Modiphius will not pay you to organise anything or force you to organise anything.
  • This program only covers events organised in your friendly local game store. If you’re part of a club, please contact us a
  • This program covers every type of event: competitive or casual, demonstrations, tournaments, leagues, campaigns, or any other type of event you may have in mind, just let us know!

Declare and validate your activity around our games by registering it. This allows you to accumulate points to redeem.

We may contact you and/or your store to get additional details before the validation of the points.

Order prize support before your events. Allow for a minimum of 3 weeks of preparation time.

The Swag

  • Points and rates

We're currently revamping this! Stay tuned for more info in the coming weeks. For the time being, if you run an event, please contact us directly at

  • Exclusive previews

From time to time, we will share with you some exclusive sneak peek of what’s coming next, new miniatures, new rules, new games, events and campaigns.

If you have any questions or comments, you can reach us at