The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms - Dwemer Great Door

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Dwemer strongholds are amongst the most durable structures found across Tamriel, and the great doors that bar the way into these underground complexes are no exception. Crafted of strange Dwemer metal, decorated (or, perhaps reinforced) with bold lines and shapes, these monumental portals are both unyielding and beautiful. Impenetrable to almost every form of damage or force, the only way to cross these ancient thresholds is often an intricate series of switches or puzzles. Failure may simply mean no progress is made, but could also lead to the delver’s incineration or impalement. For those lucky or skilled enough to open these great doors, new wonders lie ahead, and perhaps even deeper, more dangerous parts of the world…

This piece of resin terrain can be used to provide a goal or simply add to the staging for your tabletop battles!

This boxed set contains one 32mm scale high quality resin miniature, to enable players to expand their The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms games. Supplied unpainted.


  • 1 x Great Door (180mm x 105mm x 30mm)


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