Star Trek Adventures MISSION PDF 029 Synthetic Diplomacy

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The Federation Council’s recent decision to outlaw the manufacture of synthetic life forms has jeopardized negotiations with the technologically-advanced Noariya, whose society has relied heavily on android labor for generations. Delicate negotiations on the planet Noaru must be undertaken to persuade the Noariya’s leaders that Federation membership is still worthwhile.

In the wake of the rogue synth attack on Mars, the Federation’s sudden outlawing of androids has undercut efforts to offer membership to the highly-advanced Noariya society. The player characters’ ship is sent to the planet Noaru to negotiate with their leaders and search for a way to salvage the relationship. The Noariya prize their androids and are unwilling to give them up for the sake of Federation membership.

The political situation on Noaru is complicated when an extremist group objects to their society’s dependence on high technology. A candidate from that group is running for president and, until now, had been a fringe concern, but since the synth ban, they’ve become vocal advocates for Federation membership.

The situation worsens when an abduction by a group of androids forces the player characters to investigate, track down the captives, and negotiate with or outwit the captors. To protect Noaru’s peace, the player characters must expose the truth behind the android uprising and complete their delicate negotiations, or risk losing a prospective member of the Federation.

Although this is a standalone adventure, a bonus one-page mission brief provides inspiration for continuing the mission.

This 23-page PDF adventure for the first edition Star Trek Adventures roleplaying game is written by Christopher L. Bennett, and is set in the Picard era shortly after the events of 2385, with the player characters being the crew of a Federation vessel. This adventure also contains advice on adaptation for use in other Star Trek time periods.

This adventure requires a Star Trek Adventures core rulebook to use. You will receive a standard version of the adventure PDF. This PDF is on a white background, there is no separate printer friendly version.

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