Star Trek Adventures MISSION PDF 025 Children of the Wolf

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A mission to resettle Romulan refugees into a sector with a troubled history leads to a discovery that may cause even more problems. Difficult decisions lie ahead if you wish to avoid more conflict. 

Your ship has been tasked to assist in the massive effort to evacuate and resettle citizens of the Romulan Star Empire ahead of the imminent supernova of the Romulan sun. This is a fringe Federation sector near the Romulan Neutral Zone. The sector had been previously conquered by the Dominion and later liberated by Reman commando squads whose actions caused the citizens they were liberating to mistrust them further. As such, there is some resistance in the sector to accepting Romulan refugees, and when evidence of unexpected ship movements comes to light, the local governor demands you investigate.

When the investigation uncovers the truth of those ship movements, you and your crew may find yourselves caught between opposing factions with conflicting responsibilities to resolve. Will it be possible to negotiate a compromise? If not, which side should you favor in order to do the least harm?

Although this is a standalone adventure, a bonus one-page mission brief provides inspiration for continuing the mission.

This 24-page PDF adventure for the Star Trek Adventures roleplaying game is written by Christopher L. Bennett, and is set post-2385 in the Star Trek: Picard era with the player characters being the crew of a Starfleet vessel. This adventure also contains advice on adaptation for use in other Star Trek time periods.

This product requires a Star Trek Adventures core rulebook to use. This is a PDF product; upon purchase you will be emailed a link to access it. There is no print version of this product. You will receive a standard version of the adventure PDF.

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