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There is no better institution than Starfleet Academy to prepare officers for space exploration. The lessons in this mission briefs pack revolve around the Academy’s San Francisco headquarters during The Next Generation era. Gamemasters can easily transport the action to any off-world Academy campus, any era of Starfleet’s existence, or perhaps even to the Klingon Defense Force’s military indoctrination centers.

Each of the ten missions can work as a one-shot adventure, the introduction of a new character to established crews, or a “flashback” to a veteran officer’s origin story. Alternatively, they can be run as a complete campaign for trainee officers. Playing each mission in sequence charts the full course of lifepath character creation - from novice applicants to completed main characters, ready to undertake a conventional Star Trek Adventures campaign.

This is a PDF product; upon purchase you will be emailed a link to access it. There is no print version of this product. You will receive a standard version of the PDF with dark text on light background.

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