Legends of Avallen - Against the Faerie Queene Playing Cards

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Please note this is a print only product. There is no accompanying PDF version.

The official limited edition Against the Faerie Queene foil playing cards, featuring the campaign's ENNIE award-nominated artwork.

This is a full set of 52 traditional playing cards and 2 jokers that can be used for general gaming as well as for play in Legends of Avallen and as Fate Cards in 5th Edition for Against the Faerie Queene encounters.


  • Printed on premium card stock with a selective metallic foil finish that highlights illustration details and design elements. These cards will be sure to stand out in your collection!
  • Displays gorgeous Celtic inspired illustrations of characters, fae, and monsters from the Against the Faerie Queene campaign book, with each Jack, Queen, King, Ace, and Joker having unique artwork.
  • Ornamented with Celtic inspired graphic design that includes thematic symbols linked to the campaign as well as subtle attribute numbers to assist resolving checks in Legends of Avallen.

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