Fragged Empire 2nd Edition Supplement: Archetypes (PDF)

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Ideal for Players who are new to the Fragged Empire game.

Archetypes is a 40-page, full-colour, PDF player aid supplement for Fragged Empire 2nd Edition that features a collection of mapped-out PC progression paths. These give a more classic RPG Level-based progression feel (rather than the standard open-ended approach of Fragged), and can help new Players to create a character. It also includes a number of pre-made PCs, and branching options for each archetype.

Included Archetypes: Commander (branch into Squad Leader or Tactician), Medic (branch into Doctor or Gene Weaver), Mystic - Psion (branch into Blaster or Guide), Striker (branch into Brute or Martial Artist), Technician (branch into Cyborg or Scientist) and Warrior (branch into Spec Ops or Tank).

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