Five Parsecs From Home - Expansion 3 - Fixer’s Guidebook - PDF

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Armed with this third expansion in the series, you will be able to expand and modify your game to offer new and exciting possibilities as well as undertake new missions, making the world of Five Parsecs more detailed and elaborate than ever before! Join a faction and get rewarded doing jobs for them alone, but beware as things hot up on the streets when they clash with other factions! New movement and wound systems for grittier play, random terrain and environments, plus new stealth and city streets missions!

New material includes

  • Generate random table terrain setups with four different environmental types.
  • An alternative wound system that can result in a wider range of effects when a character is hit. 
  • More detailed grim post-battle injuries for those who want a grittier game experience. 
  • An alternative movement system that divides the table into a 3x3 square grid and allows fast, open-ended movement. 
  • Faction rules. Now, you can work for various employers who will reward your loyalty as you do more jobs for them.
  • Factions will also get involved in struggles with each other, making your planetary campaigns more exciting and dramatic. 
  • New Stealth missions featuring high-tension commando-style raids and infiltrations against sentries. 
  • Street fights take you downtown. Roam the streets of a mega city, undertaking missions, dealing with the locals and hoping you can make it out of there before the Enforcers show up and start arresting everybody.
  • The package is rounded out with a new mission selection system that folds the new mission types into the core rules, allowing for any mission to be a street fight or stealth job. 

Finally, a comprehensive campaign setup and campaign turn sequence summarise all of the options from all three expansions. 

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