Five Leagues from the Borderlands: Expansion 1 - The Ancient Land of Dust (PDF)

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Everywhere you turn, you sense the struggle between ancient death and new life. They say a great war was fought here in forgotten times. I don’t think it ever stopped.

Known to those who live here only as “The Dust”, this is one of the least hospitable regions of the world. A land of rocky ground and endless desert, saturated with magic. It is also a land rich with history and a sprawling civilization, making the most of a dangerous and precarious situation. The Dust was not always as it is today. Records tell of an ancient land so green it was known as the Emerald Fields before the rise (and fall) of a great evil. Deep in the sands, the minions of the Warlord are stirring again. Dead soldiers rise, and bands of warriors find themselves stolen across time, knowing that the Warlord calls them to service. Even the spirits that embody the desert itself feel restless, mocking mortals that a great time of war will soon be upon them again.

The Ancient Land of Dust is an adventure expansion for the Five Leagues From the Borderlands solo adventure wargame. Use the new rules, tables, and guidance to bring your characters to The Dust, or create new characters from the region. Fight ancient evils, seek fame and riches, or simply try to make your mark. The Ancient Land of Dust is filled with danger and rewards for all!

This 58-page pdf only expansion includes:

  • New options for character creation.
  • Environment and region rules for playing in The Dust.
  • Undertake a quest to learn the Serpentine Arts - a new form of magic with new spells and mechanics.
  • Details on joining The Desert Scouts who watch for danger in The Dust.
  • New settlements, events, and modifications to campaign activities.
  • Desert encounters, Temples of the Old War, deadly new enemies and Aberrations.
  • Guidance on preparing your tabletop and terrain. New items, equipment, quests, rewards and riches!

Requires the Five Leagues From the Borderlands core rules, available in print and PDF now!

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