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The Vault-Tec Corporation was responsible for many wondrous technological and scientific achievements. The Vaults themselves are astonishing, but you sometimes hear strange stories coming out of the Wasteland about bizarre side effects from their products and tech. For example, I’ve heard it said that even their Vault Boy bobbleheads could impart some miraculous personal boost, but only rare individuals seem to benefit. It’s probably all nonsense, just one more tall tale coming out of the big pile of crazy that is the Wasteland, but it’s certainly not the wildest story that folks tell about Vault-Tec, that’s for sure!

If you spend any time in the Wasteland you might discover some of those old Vaults and countless abandoned homes filled with memories and junk. Some of that junk might be nice as poignant reminders of happier times, but mostly it’s just good for scrap. It’s testament to the prewar corporations that they could build products so durable that even childrens’ toys survive almost 200 years later. If they’re that tough, you can definitely find a use for rockets, racecars, and robot horses! Once I collect enough, I’ve got plans to make an armoured coat out of toy parts - I’ll be indestructible!

This 3D print product lets you print multiple pieces of scatter to help create immersive tabletop scenes. They could also be used as objective markers or loot. These items are ubiquitous across the wasteland and could be found anywhere! All bobbleheads come in two versions - one with the Vault 76 logo, the other with the Vault 111 logo.

Files have been pre-hollowed where possible, and all files include supported versions for easier printing.


  • Toy Alien
  • Toy Buttercup [combined]
  • Toy Buttercup [separate body/legs]
  • Toy Cat
  • Toy Clown
  • Toy Doll
  • Toy Sloth
  • Toy Stash Container
  • Toy Teddybear
  • Toy Car
  • Toy Rocket
  • Toy Truck 1
  • Toy Truck 2
  • Bobblehead Agility 
  • Bobblehead Barter
  • Bobblehead Big Guns
  • Bobblehead Charisma
  • Bobblehead Endurance
  • Bobblehead Energy Weapons
  • Bobblehead Explosives
  • Bobblehead Intelligence
  • Bobblehead Lockpicking
  • Bobblehead Luck
  • Bobblehead Medicine
  • Bobblehead Melee
  • Bobblehead Perception
  • Bobblehead Repair
  • Bobblehead Science
  • Bobblehead Small Guns
  • Bobblehead Sneak
  • Bobblehead Speech
  • Bobblehead Strength
  • Bobblehead Unarmed

    Please note: this is an STL ONLY for 3D printing and not the physical product. Requires a 3D printer and knowledge of 3D printing to use.


    Technical Notes

    • The files have been designed and split to fit within a minimum print bed of 120x60x150mm.
    • The files are designed for 32mm scale miniatures.
    • These are high quality 3D print production files intended for resin printing. They may work on filament printers, but we do not support that printing method as standard.
    • STLs are provided in both pre-supported and unsupported forms. We suggest you download the free sampler pack to familiarize yourself with our formats and check compatibility with your printer(s).
    • We suggest a printer such as the Photon 4K or Elegoo Mars as being compatible with the files.


    Legal notes

    3D printable file and model ©2021 Bethesda Softworks LLC, a ZeniMax Media company. All Rights Reserved.

    Please note that all content is subject to trademark ® and copyright © protection of the brand named above. 

    • STL files are sold on an "as-is" basis only, we do not accept modification requests and printing and technical support is not provided.
    • 3D Printable files have strictly non-commercial, non-distribution licenses and shall be downloaded for personal use only.
    • The customer may not share, distribute, sell, rent, sub-license, host or transfer the 3D printable file.
    • The customer may not 3D print these files for commercial or mass production purpose.
    • 3D printable files maybe downloaded for personal only and may not be used for marketing, collecting money, fees, donations, reimbursement or any purposes of remuneration: Including but not limited to selling 3D prints, posting content on Ebay, Etsy, Shapeways, Facebook, store or any other product or file sharing or distribution site or service.
    • Any violation is subject to legal enforcement of intellectual property rights to the fullest extent of the law, including criminal prosecution.


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