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Project Safehouse, Vault-Tec’s programme of huge underground bunkers, was on paper a scheme to protect and preserve America and its citizens were global nuclear war ever to break out. However, a dark secret lay behind the development. Most Vaults held deeper, sinister purposes with twisted science being performed on the unwilling inhabitants who had made it to the various shelters as the bombs fell October 23, 2077.

Now these Vaults lay scattered across the Wasteland, some open to the brave or foolish adventurer who would plumb their depths, others sealed tight awaiting some unknown signal to roll back the doors and reveal the horrors within.

Into the Vault is a digital expansion for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare that provides players with new rules to venture into the darkness of the Wasteland’s underground Vaults. Enter a new arena of perils and challenges to fight battles in close confines and narrow passageways.

The Into the Vault PDF expansion features new scenarios and printable cards that allow players to generate corridors and intersections of an underground battlefield. It also allows players to generate random encounters with enemies as they explore each section of the Vault.

This PDF expansion includes:

  • A 22-page digital booklet with all the new rules needed to play the Into the Vault expansion.
  • 38 printable PDF cards representing different sections of the Vault.
  • New rules and scenarios for fighting battles within underground environments.
  • Rules for generating random encounters with enemies.

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