Achtung! Cthulhu 2d20 - VTT Starter Pack

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Welcome to war on a new front as Achtung! Cthulhu presents its first digital pack for use with all your favourite virtual table top (VTT) apps. 

Inside, you’ll find six starter maps including town, farm, camp, village, tunnels, and pyramid to kick off your adventures in the Secret War. 

There’s also 66 unique tokens including a broad range of archetypes for players, plenty of foes in the form of Black Sun and Nachtwölfe villains, plus a selection of fearsome Mythos monsters.

It also features heroes of the Secret War like Alec Towton, Peggy Walsh and Mad Jack McMasters, plus digital Threat and Momentum counters.

All are presented in PNG format providing everything you need to get started on the virtual battlefield.

Please note: these tokens and maps are from the Achtung! Cthulhu Starter Set and are already included in the digital files sent to customers who purchased the physical or digital version of the Starter Set. They are now provided separately for those who want to enhance their digital table top play.


  • Six huge starter maps for general play
  • 66 unique tokens! 
  • Selection of archetypes like Commander, Grease Monkey and Infiltrator to use as player characters
  • Doughty heroes include Ariane Dubois, Akhee the eye Singh and Professor Richard Deadman
  • Black Sun Villains feature include Troopers, Masters, Canons and Die Toten Nachtwölfe forces include Troopers, Pioneers and Storm Troopers
  • Monsters include Mi-Go, Chosen and Servitors and Overlords of Nyarlathotep + dread Cthulhu himself!

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