Achtung! Cthulhu 2d20: Operation Bulwark: The Elbrus Enigma (PDF)

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Conquer the devils of Elbrus Mountain

It is 1942 and strange reports reach Section M from the Caucasus region, near a little known mountain called Mount Elbrus. The Resistance report sightings of both Nachtwölfe operatives and strange, newly awakened creatures, referred to as devi  or “devils” who have kidnapped a number of locals. 

Currently in Persia, the agents are dispatched to investigate the truth behind these strange sightings but when they arrive in Georgia, their welcome is a lot hotter than anticipated.

Teaming up with a local Resistance leader known as Datvi or bear, the agents must hike to a deserted monastery encountering local wildlife and avoiding roaming patrols. There they discover evidence of a strange new alliance between Nachtwölfe and an unknown alien force.

All roads now lead to the mysterious Mount Elbrus where the agents must explore a strange cave complex, encountering alien drones, weird technology, and bizarre experimentation. Can the agents rescue the villagers, team up with some captive soviet prisoners and avoid the grisly fate which has befallen so many?

And how will they respond when they encounter the leader of these devi herself?

Find out in the Elbrus Enigma!


  • Experience a blend of exploration, investigation, roleplaying and combat! 
  • A 31-page adventure for 4-6 agents in both standard and printer friendly formats
  • Features maps to enhance the playing experience for both players and GMs
  • Comes with FREE Digital map pack for VTT play

Requires the Achtung! Cthulhu 2d20 core books to run.

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