The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms - Histories of the Empire Volume 2: Steam and Shadow

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The ancient Dwemer were masters of the arcane engineering arts, before they all mysteriously disappeared. All that remains of them are their tireless constructs and majestic, empty cities scattered across Tamriel. The largest of these is the enormous cavern known as Blackreach. Found within is the rare and valuable Crimson Nirnroot.

Elsewhere, sinister shapes lurk in the shadows and shrouded figures hide in plain sight, their eyes set upon a target to serve their cruel matron. The Dark Brotherhood are the premier assassins of Skyrim, and their contracts end in only one way - the death of the target.

Will you brave the darkened depths, or become one with the shadows?

Histories of the Empire, Volume 2: Steam and Shadow is a narrative-driven expansion for The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms. Explore the long abandoned Dwemer ruins of Blackreach, venturing into the depths for hidden riches and rare Crimson Nirnroot, wary of the mechanical guardians and other dangers of that deep realm. Or begin your career with the Dark Brotherhood and gain favour with the Night mother and the Council, striking from the shadows and working your way up through the ranks.

The 68 page, full colour, soft bound digest book includes:

  • The Exploring Blackreach Campaign: A map-based journey into Blackreach. Travel across the enormous cavern in your hunt for Crimson Nirnroot whilst holding back the many dangers that lurk in the dark.
  • The Dark Brotherhood Campaign: A campaign detailing the covert events surrounding the Dark Brotherhood’s rise to power in Skyrim, undertaking missions for the Night Mother and the Council.
  • New rules for environment and terrain types including market square, tavern, and underground Dwemer settlements.
  • New rules for Contractors and Contract Delves for assassination missions.
  • New rules for Light Sources, Multiple Adversaries, and Persistent Traps.

Requires The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms Core Rules Box for use and references units from The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms - Chapter 2 Card Pack.

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