Tales From the Loop The Board Game

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The Loop was deep underground. It was an enormous circular particle accelerator and research facility for experimental physics that stretched around northern Mälaröarna, from Hilleshög in the east almost all the way to Härjarö to the north; it continued west across Björkfjärden and around the west side of Adelsö, to pass underneath Björkö and its remains of civilizations past. The Loop’s presence was felt everywhere on Mälaröarna.

Step into the amazing world of Simon Stålenhag's Tales From the Loop! In Tales From the Loop – The Board Game, 1–5 players take the role of schoolkids who investigate the mysteries originating from the Loop, a huge underground science facility with strange effects on the suburban landscapes around it – just make sure you’re home in time for dinner!

Tales From the Loop – The Board Game is a cooperative experience where all the players work together towards a common goal. There are six unique scenarios in the core box, with each featuring a specific property of the Loop, while Mystery Islands mode enables you to discover your own mysteries and adventures!

The game features original art by Simon Stålenhag as well as expertly crafted, pre-assembled miniatures* of the machines featured in the artwork.

Tales From the Loop – The Board Game is designed by Martin Takaichi and includes high-quality miniatures by Paolo Parente's Dust Studio.

*All miniatures supplied unpainted.

Number of players: 1-5
Age rating: 12+
Play time: 60-120 minutes

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