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Winner of five ENnies in 2017 including Best Game, Best Setting, Best Writing, Best Internal Art and Product of the Year!

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“RPG Tales from the Loop lets you channel Stranger Things and ET.”
The Verge

“Tales From The Loop could very well be the RPG phenomenon of 2017.”
Geek & Sundry

"Tales From The Loop, a role-playing game, is what happens when Netflix’s Stranger Things and the Welcome to Night Vale podcast go bump in the night" io9.gizmodo.com

"I love it for existing so capably and confidently outside of the RPG norms of sci-fi, fantasy and “the occult”" Shut Up and Sit Down

The landscape was full of machines and scrap metal connected to the facility in one way or another. Always present on the horizon were the colossal cooling towers, with their green obstruction lights. If you put your ear to the ground, you could hear the heartbeat of the Loop – the purring of the Gravitron, the central piece of engineering magic that was the focus of the Loop’s experiments. The facility was the largest of its kind in the world, and it was said that its forces could bend space-time itself.

Scifi artist Simon Stålenhag’s paintings of Swedish 1980s suburbia, populated by fantastic machines and strange beasts, have won global acclaim. Now, you can step into the amazing world of the Loop.

In this roleplaying game in the vein of E.T. and Stranger Things, you'll play teenagers solving mysteries connected to the Loop. The game rules are based on Mutant: Year Zero, which was awarded with a Silver ENnie for Best Rules at Gencon 2015.

Key features:

 Create your unique player character – including skills, items, prides, problems, and relationships – in mere minutes.
 Explore the secrets of the Loop in two main game settings – one based on the Swedish Mälaren Islands, the other on Boulder City, Nevada.
 Investigate mysteries and overcome trouble using fast and effective rules, based on the Mutant: Year Zero game engine.
 Play the four complete scenarios included, tied together in the campaign named Four Seasons of Mad Science.

Download your free Tales from the Loop character sheet here.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
T Duce
An elegant RPG with stunning art

The product arrived promptly, well-packaged and protected (if a little plastic-heavy). The artwork is beautiful on this matt paper. The game itself is well designed and would work well for new RPG players. The text is compelling reading, really bringing the 80s that never was to life. I can’t wait to run my first mystery this Friday night.

Simple and Open

I bought this book because I'm a fan of the art and intrigued by the setting. Having read the rules now, I have to say how impressed I am at the simplicity and intuitiveness of them. There aren't a massive amount of mechanics to memorise and the various rules are clearly defined while still being flexible. The rules governing character creation, the guidance on appropriately RPing and how to use the children's limitations for drama and fun are very well thought out. The two settings provided create flexibility, are well crafted and fleshed out, but I love the freshness of a Swedish setting over more common places. The missions provided are really good and provide good understanding of the structure needed to create your own.
The book itself is beautifully printed, well laid out, filled with great flavour test and, illustrated as it is with Stålenhag's art, an absolutely thoroughly enjoyable read.
I am eager to try this game out on a group as well as looking forward to getting my hands on "Our Friends the Machines" with its extra missions, rules and settings!

Great setting!

I was first drawn to the art of this book, and as I did some more digging, I found a Kickstarter for this game. One problem, it was already over! I kept an eye on it and as soon as this released, I purchased and received it PROMPTLY and in PERFECT condition. I can't stress this enough.

Friends and I played a couple of the "mysteries" in the book and they're short and fun enough to finish in a night. I love this. Looking forward to more releases from this company.


I think I would like this game but it is out of stock. Are more coming, please?

Yes we have more stock coming!

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