Star Trek Adventures - Second Edition - Quickstart Guide PDF

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“The U.S.S. Challenger was ordered to investigate a massive alien construct that emerged from a wormhole into a remote region of Federation space. Upon reaching the destination, we discovered a colossal machine far greater in scale than even our largest starbases. We initiated preliminary scans and friendship messages only to be pulled into the interior of the machine by a tractor beam. The beam deposited the Challenger into a massive chamber filled with mysterious alien technology. We’ve not been harmed, and I see no evidence of hostile intent. But for what purpose we’ve been pulled inside this enormous alien structure, we can only guess.”


This quickstart guide PDF provides you with a condensed version of the Star Trek Adventures second edition ruleset and a short introductory adventure written by Fred Love designed to get you and your group playing right away! 

Use the included pre-generated characters and the adventure to collaboratively tell an amazing Star Trek story with your friends!

This 48-page Quickstart PDF features:

  • “The Celestial Algorithm” - a standalone adventure in three acts, designed to introduce players and gamemasters to the essential mechanics of the game.
  • All the second edition rules needed to run the adventure.
  • Seven pre-generated characters plus the U.S.S. Challenger.


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