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The war has been won, the Nameless Emperor defeated, his legions scattered or destroyed. But now the land is corrupt, and tainted monsters roam and seek prey. Yet hope still remains. Can you keep your community safe, help it grow, and rebuild civilisation?

This Quickstart for the full Out of the Ashes game contains pre-generated characters and details of their community, and a quest for a lost artefact that could ensure the community’s security, as well as the rules needed to play, and outlines for further quests.

Out of the Ashes is a community-based post-apocalyptic fantasy game, where player characters are the heroes of their local community.


  • a community, player characters, rules, and an adventure. The community and adventure are unique to the quickstart, making it not just a starter, but useful even with the main book.
  • Human player characters coming from several different cultures, thrown together in a community, working together to survive and prosper.
  • Straightforward rules, evolved from the Liminal RPG.

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