Out of the Ashes (PDF)

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From Paul Mitchener, the creator of Liminal!

The war has been won, the Nameless Emperor defeated, his legions scattered or destroyed, but the cost was almost the ruin of the world.

Play survivors seeking to protect and rebuild in this self-contained pen and paper fantasy roleplaying game by the author of the acclaimed Liminal.

Your characters are capable and heroic, but the dangers out there are great. The land is corrupt, and tainted monsters roam and seek prey. The surviving Ministers of the Nameless Empire gather their forces once more, yet hope still remains.

Can you keep your community safe, help it grow, and rebuild civilisation?

The community is at the centre of play. The players create the community as a group, and their characters go on quests on the community's behalf until the game ends in triumph or tragedy. They are the heroes of their community, and the community needs them in order to survive and grow.

This 256-page PDF contains both the rules and details of the game's world. This world is human, with diverse cultures and inherent magic. Magicians of different cultures have different magical styles, including Light Bringing, Rune Wizardry, and Words of Power.

Art by the design team at Handiwork games, led by the acclaimed RPG artist Jon Hodgson.

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