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She had wandered too far into the Zone. Tula had walked through the dark forest, followed the old rail tracks between crumbling ruins and rusting train wrecks, towards the glimmering silver disks by the horizon. She wanted to reach them so bad.  Become a hero of the Ark. A famous stalker. Now, she would be a dead stalker. If the thirst didn't kill her, zone ghouls or the rot would. That's when she saw them. Scattered across the ground like metallic rag dolls. Machine beings. Dead for decades. Tula had heard stories of them. What had happened here? Suddenly she heard a noise. Growls. Voices. Tula drew her scrap pistol and got ready to fight for her life.

This booklet is an introduction to Mutant: Year Zero, the award-winning RPG by Free League Publishing and Modiphius Entertainment. Mutant: Year Zero takes you to a world after the great apocalypse, inhabited by mutants, robots and mutant animals. Using this booklet alone, you can get a taste of the game, including: 

  • Create a unique character in minutes: play an Enforcer, Gearhead, Fixer of Stalker
  • Push your character's skills to the limits, unleashing unstoppable mutant powers in the process
  • Fight fast and furious battles, making every bullet count and using a detailed list of gruesome injuries
  • Experience three exciting zone sectors, giving you the perfect introduction to the Mutant: Year Zero universe

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Customer Reviews

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Tsapki Perez
Excited to use this

Not yet used this supplement but just holding it in check for later gives me an intense rush.

I started getting into MYZ when I backed the Kickstarter for Genlab Alpha. After I got the book, I devoured the content but did not get to utilize them for a few years until my tabletop group's schedule allowed for some new games and ideas. Everyone has been fairly positive about the game, even as we fumble with the rules now and then as they learn them and I shake off the dust, but it's been a blast and whenever I find myself at a loss for what happens next, the book helps out with suggestions to improvise and get things rolling anew.

Back to this product itself, once my current group concludes their adventures in Paradise Valley, it will be time for them to take a perspective as the People of the Ark, and I am hyped to blend what is in this book with a bit of the outcome of my groups first adventure to really help and build up some world continuity.

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