Mutant: Year Zero Zone Compendium 1 - Lair of the Saurians

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Zone Compendium 01: Lair of the Saurians is the first official supplement to the Mutant: Year Zero RPG. This 32-page booklet is packed with thrilling scenario locations and useful tools for the the game.


- Lair of the Saurians: By an islet in the dark waters of the Zone rests a huge rusted metal tube, rumored to hold rich treasures of the Ancients’ days. But are its reptilian inhabitants friends or foes?
- The Oracle of the Silver Egg: Stalkers say that the man in the metal dwelling in the swamp knows the answers to any question. They say he can even show the way to Eden. But some who go to visit the oracle never return.
- A Seed of Evil: The Ark is threatened by an enemy like none other before it. One by one, the People turn into something … different. Who - or what - is behind it all?
- The Family Homestead: The world may have ended, but one family isn’t about to let that little fact change their way of life.
- Long Distance Travel: Rules for leaving the Zone and travelling far and wide across continents.
- Monster Generator: Create new and unique Zone monsters with just a few quick dice rolls.


"Written and produced to the same high standards as the Mutant core book with full-colour throughout." 

"Lair of the Saurians is a great add-on for Mutant: Year Zero, with four excellent additional sectors that can be thrown in to liven up your campaign."

"The sectors are varied and present different, memorable challenges for your players, and all should find a home in any Mutant campaign.”

-Brian Ennis, The British Fantasy Society.  

"Lair of the Saurians treads confidently in the ways of M:YZ. Its visceral, dark broad strokes await for the details that you will insert. I can't imagine a starting M:YZ GM missing it. Ask the Oracle of the Silver Egg if you don’t believe me."

Antonio S - 


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