Fallout: Wasteland Warfare - X-01 Survivor & Dogmeat

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The most advanced armour available, X-01 armour provides excellent protection against physical, energy and radiation damage. Any survivor, Brotherhood of Steel Knight or Raider who chances across a suit will become a force to be reckoned with.

Dogmeat can also be armoured up, with his Dog Armour providing a little extra protection though at the cost of some speed to this most faithful of companions.

This boxed set contains two 32mm scale multi-part high-quality resin miniatures with unique scenic bases, to allow players to expand their Fallout: Wasteland Warfare games.

Box Contents:

  • 1 x X-01 Power Armour Suit
  • 3 x Optional Heads
  • 1 x Armoured Dogmeat
  • 2 x Scenic base

Product Details:

  • Resin
  • 32mm Scale
  • Supplied unpainted
  • Requires Assembly
  • Scenic shots are for inspiration only. Box contains only the components listed above

Please note does not include cards, unit and weapon cards are available to download for free, or get everything including their AI cards in the Raiders Wave Expansion Card Pack

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
M Day
Great models and blast to paint!

Recently received these models and have thoroughly enjoyed painting them, gave the X-01 an Enclave paint job! Great sculpts and the scenic bases are just as good as the models!

Got my eye on the next purchase already.

Why not put the cards in the box?

Miniatures are nice, however, the box should expressly stipulate that the cards are supplied in the Raiders Wave Card Set only... I picked this up at my FLGS and thought that the cards would be in the box (as they are with everything else I bought to date). I have no use for the Raider Card set as I've kept this on a "base game plus a few items" scale at home.
I think for this set, supplying the cards in the box would have been a far better choice.

Pedro Scozzafave
X01 Armor is amazing

Just amazing. Cant wait for Enclave faction and Frank Horrigan

Lajos Harmath
Great Minis with options

As a big fan of the original Fallouts, buying the (re-designed) Advanced Power armor from FO2 was a must for me. Also having Dogmeat fully armored up and a teddy bear was a great addition. The package arrived very fast. I'm really happy with the quality, very little cleanup was needed and the mold lines were very well placed as well. The 3 heads for the PA are all great. I actually could not decide, so made them switchable with magnets :)

Overall very satisfied, Now I just need some T-51b's to complement this one XD

Christian Kennedy
Amazing quality

I have been weighting for the X-01 power armour since it was first announced and I wasn’t disappointed. My parcel arrived within a couple of days of ordering it and as always the quality was amazing, there was very little cleaning needed and the detail is superb. I highly recommend this to every fallout wasteland warfare fan

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