Fallout: Wasteland Warfare - Rogue Bundle

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The Wasteland Rogue bundle brings together all the miniature sets released as part of the Raiders wave. Including a huge selection of miniatures from the Raiders, Robots and Creatures factions. The bundle also includes the card pack required to use all the models included. 

Whether you want to lead the Raiders into battle, causing mayhem in the Wasteland and bringing misery to the more civilised corners of Boston, or bring new AI challenges to your game with the Robots or Creatures to add some terrifying adversaries, this bundle is for you. 

The bundle contents include all these fantastic sets (check the pictures or links below for more info):

Raiders - Core Set  
Raiders - Raiders, Scavvers & Psychos  
Raiders - Ack Ack, Sinjin & Avery  
Survivors: X-01 Survivor & Dogmeat  
Creatures: Ghouls  
Creatures: Wasteland Vermin  
Creatures: Deathclaw (2019)  
Robots: Assaultrons & Protectrons  
Robots: Sentry Bot (2019)  
Raiders Wave Card Expansion Pack  
naligned: Mysterious Stranger    

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Customer Reviews

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Max Ramirez
Holy mother of minis

Action packed delivery. I ordered two or three weeks ago and after a week thought, 'meh, it'll take a while right? It says shipping but it says it only just arrived in the UK' then boom, when I'm on vacation and I had only seen the status of the package and it says it'll arrive the next day. Panicking I tried to delay the package but it arrived, even with a picture of where the guy left it (this is on the shipping company but still worth mentioning, pretty cool the shipping is actually good) So the next day when I arrived... It was there, beckoning. I unpacked everything, cut stuff out, and failed to glue the protectrons arms. Make sure you have good glue, 600 is not good for this. And now I've painted about 1/4 and I am extremely happy with it so far, no damage and the package was neatly organized. Detail, amount of minis, and cards were all there. Pretty sweet deal, I definitely recommend it if you are aiming for an rpg campaign or want chaotic wargaming.

Tim McCormack
Another settlement needs your help...painting all these minis!!

I’ve been stupidly happy as of late, I received the Rogue Bundle in the mail...So much awesome all at once! This is how you do a game release...you only want the cards (gonna proxy the figs) here’s an option. You want Just some mini’s, pick away at these beauties...Want the everything in one big buy? Boom. An IP like Fallout is hugely popular, and for me, hunting down all of wave one was a chore at my local stores/FLGS, as they were always picked over. For wave 2 (and if money allows, all future waves), I bit the bullet and bought the bundle. Best hobby money spent in a while, just for the peace of mind.

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