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The Institute is used to operating behind the scenes to achieve their goals. Carrying out kidnappings and replacements or retrieving rogue synths takes covert operations and infiltration. Experienced coursers and upgraded human agents are key to these missions.

Chief among the weapons in the Institute’s arsenal are the Coursers, light-footed reconnaissance Synths - the long arm of the Institute in the wasteland. Aiding their work are High-Tec stealth systems called Stealth Boys, effectively rendering them invisible. The only sign that these infiltration experts are on the prowl is a faint blue outline and a soft glow.

One of the foremost experts in Synth retrieval and elimination is Z2-47, presenting as a human male of stocky build and short brown hair. His infiltration missions are legendary in their completion rates (and often kill counts). Z2-47 has been known to cut down waves of enemies in his pursuit of a single target, sometimes killing hundreds if they get in his way, all for the chance to eliminate even one rogue synth.

On occasion the Institute has resorted to more down to earth methods to achieve its goals, employing mercenaries and other ‘dirty surface degenerates’. One such mercenary is Conrad Kellogg, and he has proven his worth to the cause  time and again. His familiarity with the denizens of the wasteland and his ruthless combat prowess brought him to the attention of the Institute, and he has only become deadlier in their employ. Augmented and all but ageless under their patronage, Kellogg now stalks the wasteland ready to do any job, no matter how underhanded or shady, all in the service of his shadowy masters.  

This boxed set contains three 32mm scale multi-part high quality resin Institute miniatures, each with unique scenic bases, to allow players to expand their Fallout: Wasteland Warfare games. 


  • 1x Kellog
  • 1x A-2018
  • 1x Z2-47
  • 3 x scenic bases

Please note does not include cards, unit and weapon cards are available to download for free, or get everything including their AI Cards in the Institute Wave Card Expansion Pack.x.

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Customer Reviews

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Very happy purchase

I bulk bought a lot of the Fallout figures and I have not had any issue with even one box from my purchase. They have all felt extremely faithful to the game and the detail for this scale is perfect.
The resin is a really nice quality, superior to Games Workshop’s Finecast (at least to my eye). I’ve not had any real issue with bubbles or similar problems, miscasts have been rare and easily fixed. This is a quality product, which is true of the entire fallout range that I’ve had the pleasure of owning so far.
As a disclaimer, I’m copying this review across the fallout purchases I’ve made as it is a fair reflection of each of them.

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