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Fallout: Factions is an action-packed two-player competitive tabletop skirmish game where players each command a Crew of hardened Wasteland warriors. The full game is, of course, based on the genre-defining videogames from Bethesda. 

In Fallout: Factions, you and your opponent will fight it out on your tabletop, making tactical decisions and relying on dice rolls to determine the outcome of your attacks. Each time you play, you tell the next chapter of your Crew’s story, charting their journey from wide-eyed nobodies to Wasteland Legends!

This FREE 16-page quickstart is designed to provide a gameplay demo and walk you through a round of play. The aim isn’t to teach you all of the rules in detail, but rather to show you the basics and give you a feel for the game, so you can start reading the full rulebook armed with a little context!

Two Crew rosters and the demo rules are included. You can play through the demo in this quickstart with a friend, or take the reins of both Crews, switching back and forth each turn.

You will also need: a handful of d10s, a tape measure or ruler measured in inches, ten miniatures, a few coins or bottle caps to use as tokens, and some wargaming terrain (or whatever you have at hand).

Continue your battles with the full Fallout: Factions “Battle for Nuka-World” Starter Set available to pre-order now!


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