Elite Dangerous RPG core book - PDF

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You will receive a PDF of the core book and Quickstart Adventure ‘The Worst Intentions’, plus spacemap and spacemap counters PDFs upon completion of purchase. Further PDFs will be released as they become available.

Elite: Dangerous Role Playing Game (EDRPG) Core Manual.EDRPG is an interactive adventure you share with a group of friends. It is set in a futuristic galaxy in which spaceflight is common, amazing technology is freely available, and danger is everywhere. As a player you will own your own spacecraft and travel to fantastic locations, exploring new worlds, defeating deadly enemies and outwitting powerful opponents who will stop at nothing to destroy you.


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Beautiful Art, Good Design!

I can already tell this is gonna be a good and refreshing tabletop game. I wasn't sure how I was gonna like non-spatial space combat, but there's just enough depth to make this a great balance of fast and significant. It's a huge help that I really love this universe from playing the videogame for hours and hours. Looking forward to some good times in my future!

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