Dreams and Machines: Shadows In The Daylight (PDF)

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Shadows in the Daylight is a PDF adventure for the Dreams and Machines roleplaying game.

While traveling to Printempo Settlement, the player characters hear rumors of, and are eventually attacked by, a group of Thralls, and trace them back to a hidden hideout. 

The player characters uncover the Thralls' plans to lay siege to nearby settlements and must act quickly to prevent the Thralls from threatening the nearby area!

The 30-page, full-color Shadows in the Daylight PDF features: 

  • An exciting adventure in three acts
  • Help the people of Printempo defend their homes
  • Investigate the Thrall threat and infiltrate their hideout
  • Decide how to deal with the Thralls and protect nearby settlements
  • Includes guidance and outcomes for several possible courses of action

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