When Achtung! Cthulhu meets Heroes of Normandie, the result is a wargame of explosive, unprecedented adventure! 
Modiphius Entertainment is pleased to announce Devil Pig Games’ Shadows Over Normandie is now available and in retailers’ hands - ready to bring a new dimension of tabletop terror to war and boardgame fans this Christmas.
Shadows over Normandie is a superb tactical WW2 boardgame and it’s now available as a full standalone boxed game featuring all the characters and forces from the Achtung! Cthulhu universe.
Shadows Over Normandie is available from Modiphius.net and all good game stores.
Shadows Over Normandie follows the story of the Lost Platoon and takes place just a few weeks after D-Day, somewhere deep in the Normandie countryside. The platoon, led by Sgt. Carter of the US Rangers, and with the aid of French resistance agent Ariane Dubois, must beat an invading force of Deep Ones and the Nazi Cult of the Black Sun before they unleash a terrible evil upon the liberating Allied forces.
Shadows over Normandie is a squad/platoon level game based on the Heroes System and is totally compatible with the original Heroes of Normandie board game.
Shadows features three opposing factions: the nefarious German cult of the Black Sun, the strange, ancient underwater creatures known as the Deep Ones, and the Allied heroes of the U.S. Rangers.  Each force is made up of infantry, armour or creatures and of course, famous and infamous heroes and villains from Modiphius’ Achtung! Cthulhu world,  and each has its own set of unique characteristics, skills and tactics.
With 10 compelling missions to explore, the first few are designed as a tutorials to teach you the game mechanics, but they become increasingly challenging as the story develops. Objectives lead players to make tactical choices, some will be successful, others… well, perhaps not so! Soldiers clash in tense encounters, while heroes or villains also have specific tasks to fulfil.
It’s the perfect bridge between a wargame and an adventure game.
Shadows Over Normandie also offers something for both new and existing fans of the Heroes of Normandie series of games:

  • A new expansion for Heroes of Normandie
  • Compatible with Heroes over Normandie Base sets
  • Unlock extra content with the Shadows Over Normandie boxed set.
  • The first chapter in many major new adventures in the Shadows universe with new expansions like Desert Wrath planned and on the way.
Shadows Over Normandie Features:
Three complete factions (Majestic, Deep Ones, and Black Sun) and their recruiting options.
Tanks, light vehicles, heavy weapons, character traits, equipment, magic items, spells, and orders for both armies.

  • 11 heroes
  • 42 wooden order markers
  • 2 Majestic dice
  • 2 Deep Ones dice
  • 2 Black Sun dice
  • 6 two-sided gameboards
  • 1 turn counter track and its special markers
  • 3 decks of 50 cards
  • 5 destructible houses
  • 8 footbridges
  • 1 rulebook
  • 1 campaign book (10 scenarios)
Coming soon: Shadows over Normandie: Desert Wrath
Normandie may be the start of the battle, but the war is far from won! With a host of further expansions planned,  Devil Pig Games have also revealed first details on the Desert Wrath campaign.
This brings the covert operatives of Britain’s Section M into the battle alongside the Long Range Desert Group, who will line up against the Black Sun Afrika Corps beneath the harsh sun of the desert ruins! Desert Wrath is a brand new campaign for Shadows Over Normandie, with further details coming soon.

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