Modiphius have unveiled the cover of the Mutant Chronicles 'Techno Fantasy' Roleplaying Game by Scott Schomburg. Scott is well known to Star Wars fans as the cover artist of the chart topping Edge of the Empire roleplaying game. 

The art for this third edition of the game is inspired by the iconic Paul Bonner covers from the 1990's. The scene features a face-kicking from fan favourite character Mitch Hunter, in a homage to the cover of the original Capitol supplement. 

Modiphius is gearing up to launch the Mutant Chronicles RPG line in stores from this Spring having funded seventeen books through Kickstarter last year. The 400 page full colour hardback Mutant Chronicles core book will launch the range and is expected in stores in April / May. RRP £39.99 / $64.99 followed by regular monthly releases. 

Mutant chronicles