Your chance to star in a brand new comedy roleplaying audio series
Modiphius, creator of roleplaying and tabletop games like Achtung! Cthulhu and Thunderbirds the Board Game, is launching a brand new audio series and is seeking cast members to sign up and take part.
Caverns & Crocodiles follows the exploits of five people playing a brand new and entirely fictional fantasy roleplaying game, Caverns & Crocodiles
As their ever-resourceful Gamesmaster leads the players through his careful crafted adventure, they prove time and time again that no plot survives contact with this particular group of roleplayers!

Recording in December 2015, Caverns & Crocodiles is currently at the pre-production stage, and if successful, will be developed into first a pilot and then a full-blown audio series.
Modiphius are looking for outgoing and confident roleplayers to form the five members of this troublesome group.
You should live or be available to work in London as there will both evening rehearsals and weekend recording in London.
Modiphius would also like to meet and audition potential cast members before recording at its Fulham Broadway office. Potential candidates should note they must be available for both evenings and Saturday daytimes to rehearse and record. 
So, if you see yourself as one of the stars of Caverns and Crocodiles audio series, and would like to get paid to play, please head on over to and fill in the short questionnaire to kick off the process.
We look forward to hearing from you!  
Caverns & crocodiles