Modiphius announces sales and distribution deal for acclaimed Swedish dark fantasy RPG Symbaroum
London, January 07 - Modiphius, creator of award winning RPGs like Achtung! Cthulhu and renowned table top games like Thunderbirds the co-op board game, is pleased to announce a sales and distribution partnership with Swedish studio Järnringen, which will bring the acclaimed dark fantasy RPG Symbaroum to a wider international audience.
The partnership will begin with the release of the Symbaroum core book in a lavish 264 page full color edition, which includes an introduction to the World of Symbaroum, Player's and Games Master guides and a first adventure, The Promised Land - in short, everything you need to get started within Järnringen's dark, deadly fantasy universe.
The Symbaroum Core Book Print and PDF versions are available right now from
Written by Mattias Johnsson and Mattias Lilja and featuring stunning, atmospheric full color artwork by Martin Bergstrom that really brings Symbaroum's intriguing world of Ambria and Davokar to life, the game was released in Swedish about 15 months ago, and has recently been translated into English after a very successful fundraiser campaign on IndieGoGo.
The ebook version of Symbaroum launched November 17th and has already received a praise for its setting, style and rules – being described as “a perfect blend of a more narrative system like FATE or Dungeon World and a more gamey system like D&D or Pathfinder”.
It promises to be a busy year for Järnringen as they add even more depth to this rich, evocative fantasy world. with two planned Symbaroum expansions The Player’s Handbook and Thistle Hold - Wrath of the Warden, the first part in the majestic adventure campaign entitled the Throne of Thorns.
Chris Birch, publishing director of Modiphius said: "After the success of Mutant: Year Zero we have high hopes for Symbaroum which once again shows the excellent production and design coming out of the Swedish games community."
"We are very pleased to have the Modiphius team as our link to gamers all over the world," said Mattias Johnsson, producer at Järnringen. "They have the contacts and the network Symbaroum needs to thrive, and it doesn’t hurt that they are already collaborating with our dear friends at Free League Publishing."
The Symbaroum Core Rulebook features
A fast-paced and flexible rule-set for creating player characters and acting in the game world.
  • 5 playable races and 3 archetypes, divided into 15 occupations, as a basis for character creation.
  • 35 abilities, 25 mystical powers, 33 rituals and a large number of weapons and armor to make each character unique.
  • Detailed guidelines for how to create adventures: 38 monsters and adversaries, and 19 monstrous traits to arm the characters' enemies with.
  • More than 50 pages describing the game world’s history, geography and cultures, focusing on four particular settings: the Forest of Davokar, the fortune hunter’s town of Thistle Hold, the Ambrian capital Yndaros and the cliff of Karvosti where the barbarian clans convene.
  • Symbaroum is a complete roleplaying game; all you need to play is paper, pen and a dice set.
  • This roleplaying game is suitable for all adventurous humans, goblins and trolls from the age of 12 and upwards
Product Information
Game Line: Symbaroum 
Category: Core Rulebook
Retail Price: £34.99 / $53.99 / EUR49.99
Pages: 264 pages, full color
Author: Mattias Johnsson, Mattias Lilja
Artist: Martin Bergström
Graphic Design: Johan Nohr
Stock Code: JRE100001
ISBN: 978-91-87915-05-5
Praise for Symbaroum

“It is a wonderful, easy to pick up (I could play it without actually having a rulebook, and the rules only having been explained to me in a few minutes), yet challenging and intriguing game.” – HedgeGM
“I highly recommend this system for connoisseurs of dark fantasy and lovers of RPGs alike, since Symbaroum provides an excellent, unique taste of both” - Chncdcksn
“it was a joy to read, the remaining artwork is stunning, and the background is full of inspiring ideas just screaming out to be further explored” – Review on DriveThruRPG
“Pick a d20 and immerse yourself in Ambria as soon as you can, for: 1. You won't ever regret; 2. You'll never come back!” – Review on DriveThruRPG