Modiphius is pleased to announce the print pre-order and PDF release of a brand new roleplaying game, Unity from Zensara Studios.

The Unity RPG is available to pre-order now in print shipping in September, and in PDF which is available immediately. Print pre-orders also receive a free PDF on completion of order. All are available in our Unity Collection.

But we're sure you'll want to hear more about this intriguing 371 page RPG which features gorgeous full colour artwork, so on with the details!

Four Factions. One Destiny

Punished, forsaken, and left for dead by the divine hand that created them, four races must come together and unite against the grim horrors of a world set on fire.
Explore the forgotten remnants of a once Golden Age when mortals rose to challenge gods. Rediscover long forgotten ancient technologies that blur the lines between reality and wonder. Stride atop colossal mechanized machines of war from a bygone era. Embrace the discovery of new and exciting cultures in a scarred landscape full of secrets and hidden beauty.
Unity is a fantasy roleplaying experience focused on spectacular storytelling, cinematic moments, deep character growth, and a riveting combat system that encourages you to combine your powers with your allies to overcome impossible challenges.

This book includes everything you need to play:

  • Full roleplaying rules for character creation, adventuring, and combat.
  • Full setting guide that explores the world of Unity and its rich history.
  • 4 Factions complete with cultural write-ups and short stories.
  • 9 Classes and hundreds of power combinations to master.
  • Mysterious and perilous locations to explore.
  • Deadly foes to fight.
  • Powerful treasures to acquire.
  • A Game Master’s Guide.
We hope you'll take the chance to explore this intriguing new RPG from Zensara studios and look for more great Unity releases including a GM screen, poster map and more coming soon.

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