Welcome to Kraav III

By Fred Love, STA Contributing Writer


So many of the best modules throughout the history of tabletop roleplaying games serve up a fun location with plenty to discover, more or less turning the players loose to explore at their own pace. That’s the basic approach of “Incident at Kraav III,” a new Klingon-themed standalone scenario for Star Trek Adventures.

In this new module, long-time Star Trek scribe Keith R.A. DeCandido and I present a seemingly abandoned Klingon outpost with dangers and secrets hidden behind every door. The player characters have to figure out why the manufacturing facility went quiet in recent weeks and why a Romulan vessel recently crash landed on the planet’s surface. The player characters will make contact with a handful of NPCs who work and live at the Kraav III facility, each of which has their own motivations and loyalties.   

Finally, the scenario also presents the player characters with a race against time as the U.S.S. Enterprise-B warps its way toward the outpost to conduct its own investigation. The Klingon Empire does not wish to have a Federation starship snooping around one of its crucial outposts, and the player characters must try to get to the heart of the mystery as quickly as possible.

From Baldur’s Gate to Miskatonic University, tabletop roleplaying has presented gamers with no shortage of memorable settings. The more vivid the location of the story, the more gamers feel immersed in another world where anything can happen and the rules of everyday life no longer apply. I believe the Kraav III outpost provides such an experience for gaming groups that want to quest for glory on the final frontier as a Klingon crew. The NPCs in the scenario are layered enough that players will enjoy figuring out their true motivations and their part in the mystery, yet they’re still simple enough for the gamemaster to easily get a feel for them and drop them into the drama. The outpost itself has several elements with which the players can interact in order to uncover the outpost’s history.

Keith handled all the heavy lifting when it came to world building and dreaming up the intricate NPC cast. I helped by translating Keith’s living, breathing setting and characters into the mechanics of Star Trek Adventures. I have several of Keith’s novels on my shelf, and it was a dream to get to collaborate with him on this project. I was also thrilled to get to take a stab at putting together a stat block for the Enterprise-B. By this stardate, which is after the ship’s disastrous shakedown cruise and run-in with the Nexus, the Enterprise has been fully equipped with a medical staff and tractor beam, and the stat block reflects this.

If your group loves to explore every nook and cranny of imaginative and detailed settings, then look no further than “Incident at Kraav III.” The setting feels so real, you’ll be able to taste the bloodwine!

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