Thrusters Ahead Full!

By Jim Johnson, STA Project Manager

Art by CBS Studios, Inc.


Clear all moorings and set thrusters to quarter, and clear Spacedock. It’s time to boldly go into the great big Galaxy with the newest release for Star Trek Adventures: the Utopia Planitia Starfleet Sourcebook, now available in general release as a PDF as well as in three different print editions.

A true labor of love by the entire STA development team to you, the fans of Star Trek and Starfleet vessels. Key characters in their own rights, the starships and space stations of the franchise have kept us engaged for over 55 years. Now, add your favorite to your campaign or missions, or simply create your own starships and stations, using the guidance contained in the book.

There’s a wealth of commentary and reviews available now for the book. Here’s a sampling for you to check out at your leisure:

Order the Utopia Planitia Starfleet Sourcebook now and receive the final PDF immediately as part of your order. The print edition is expected to ship from UK in October and from US in late Q4 2022. Or, order the PDF now by itself from DTRPG or the two Modiphius webstores.

Standard Edition:

Original Series Collector’s Edition:

The Next Generation Collector’s Edition:

PDF edition:


Thanks for reading this article, and thank you for your interest and support of Star Trek Adventures! Keep frequencies open for more blog entries and news about additional STA products in the coming months. Live long and prosper!


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