SPECTRE: The Board Game - Development Blog 2
By Stefano Guerriero


The beauty of an organisation like SPECTRE is that each one of their members has a specific skill that is useful for the overall goal of the organisation itself.

In the same way, in SPECTRE: The Board Game each villain has an asymmetric style of play that will make each game different. Each villain starts with a unique ability and an already unlocked scheme that ties with their character and flavour in the movies. 

Let's look at Blofeld as an example. As the leader of SPECTRE, one of his perks is he gets to start as Number 1 at the beginning of the game, therefore giving him an advantage in the first few rounds, if he can keep that position. Furthermore, he has the chance to use any type of resource when bidding during missions, while the other players must stick with what the mission requires. His scheme "Racket" allows him to "requisition" resources from other players - for the good of SPECTRE of course! Careful management of resources and winning missions is therefore an important part of the strategy while playing with Blofeld.

Diametrically opposed to Blofeld is Raoul Silva. As an ex-member of MI6 and turncoat, Silva is more of a loner than a real member of SPECTRE. This is reflected in him having only ten Agents at his disposal at the beginning of the game. This hindrance is however compensated by his initial unique abilities. First of all, Silva will advance two spaces on the SPECTRE track each time a mission is failed, making it very advantageous for him to sabotage the success of missions, either by refusing to cooperate or even by lying to other villains about their bidding intentions. Furthermore, each time the 007 token lands on a region where he has at least one agent, he will gain the region area bonus. These two abilities already create some very interesting gameplay styles and put Silva in direct conflict with Blofeld. The scheme he starts with is Takeover, which allows the player to reduce their Agent pool to remove Agents - enemies or allies - from the board. As you can see the Agent pool plays a very important role in a winning strategy with Raoul Silva.

We won't go into details about the other villains, because we want you to have the chance to discover them while playing, but as you can see, each one of them plays in a very different way from the other and allows for innumerable combinations of gaming. Therefore go, choose a villain, unlock their schemes and see what you can achieve with the power and resources of SPECTRE!