Modiphius Errata and FAQ Update

By Dom Westerland
Art by Edouard Groult


At Modiphius, we’re changing up how we tackle FAQs and erratas. To do this, we’re implementing a new feedback form that will include our most popular titles after their release and beyond.

You can find the form here.


For those of you who have helped by playtesting our games or contributing to revising rulebooks for the likes of The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms, this form will be no stranger to you. The only exception is that in the games section, there's now a drop down selection of which game you wish to provide feedback on instead of having separate forms for each. We're hoping this quality of life change will help in making this process a lot smoother going forward.

The majority of this form is pretty simple, although we did want to take a closer look at the "Describe an issue" section in particular. We appreciate any and all feedback provided for the games on the list, but we are aiming for detail on what is submitted.

‘X is broken. It doesn’t do anything. Y is better.’

The example above is a start, but we'd need to see some more detail. What made you come to this conclusion? Why is X broken? There's quite a few questions still up in the air with this, so we'd need to see some more detail before we could take any action on it.

This is a solid opening piece of feedback as it is concise and to the point. In order for this feedback to be this precise, there would have to have been a series of events within your game that led to you coming to this conclusion. A more developed version of this statement may look like this:

‘X has underperformed in a number of my games. I would have expected it to have performed better than Y because Y is an interior piece. However I had a situation recently in a game where …’

This concept of context can also be applied to reporting odd rules interactions. The most useful thing to have when unpicking a rules interaction is a breakdown of the models and rules that were involved, along with a brief description of what occurred on the tabletop. As a follow up, you may then suggest what you would have expected to have happened instead. The more detail you can provide, the better any potential erratas or changes we make!

We're mainly looking for any mechanical issues you face in any of our games that you play. This form isn't the best for typos or other minor issues, you can still use our forums or Discord channels to make us aware of these!

To round things off, let’s address some questions regarding the impact of this new process:

What about the Modiphius rules forums and Discord channels? These will still remain active for community discussion and staff may still pop by to answer questions. However, if your query isn’t already covered in an FAQ or errata, the place to submit questions for official clarification later on down the line will be this feedback form.

Can I submit rules queries to the Customer Service team? They will direct you to this form, so you can but it would be best to submit any questions on the form to ensure that the Devs will see them.

I can’t find a new Modiphius release on the form. What should I do? Newer releases (such as Homeworld: Fleet Command) will be added to the form over time, as we settle on a FAQ/errata release plan for them.

That’s everything covered. We look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks for reading this article, and thank you for your interest and support in keeping our games fun and balanced to play! For more news, updates and all things Modiphius, you can subscribe to our newsletter here. 

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