Modiphius Entertainment Acquires Five Parsecs From Home, Five Leagues From the Borderlands

By Modiphius Entertainment


New Games are Now in Development for the Five Parsecs Line of Products

London, United Kingdom (June 14, 2023) — Today, tabletop game publisher and developer Modiphius Entertainment is announcing the acquisition of the Five Parsecs From Home and Five Leagues From The Borderlands game IPs by Ivan Sorensen’s Nordic Weasel Games. The deal also covers the original Five Core system, Weasel Tech, and Five Men From Normandy games.

Ivan Sorensen will be retained as lead writer, and Modiphius will be supporting extensive new product development for the lines, including Five Parsecs: Tactics and Five Parsecs: Planetfall (working title), two new standalone games in the same universe which let you take your Five Parsecs From Home crew on even bigger adventures!

A new leader emerges in the Unity government, forged in the fires of the Lanikea Expedition. With them comes a renewed urgency in Unity forces clamping down on the fringe, perhaps to focus on the various invasions along the border systems from the Soulless or the Swarm, or perhaps for something else, no one knows. There are whispers of a strange alien-engineered star system found in the Greater Deep, expeditions are being recruited, and the Precursors are worried…

“Since the retail edition of Five Parsecs From Home launched, we’ve been working together on a lot of exciting projects,” commented Modiphius CCO and co-founder Chris Birch. “I’m a huge fan of solo adventure wargames, so being able to get behind Ivan’s vision for the games and help expand it beyond the horizon is going to be a lot of fun!”

“The response to the Modiphius editions has been overwhelming. I think the combination of great art and layout has really been a boon to the game system, and I am super excited to continue creating new exciting adventures," said Ivan Sorensen.

Ivan has been diving deep into new ways to expand the Five Parsecs From Home experience, and both Tactics and Planetfall promise to give players a lot of new ways to play. Ivan described what players can expect. 

“First, we have Five Parsecs: Tactics. This will let you take your game one step above and command squads of troops, grav tanks, and much more on the battlefields of Unified Space and beyond. Fully compatible with your Five Parsecs From Home characters, Tactics features everything you want: scenario creation, points values, solo mechanics so you can play on your own, campaign rules that let you play both map-oriented and narrative campaigns (and both at the same time if you prefer), and much more. The book is also jam-packed with advice and tools to create your own battle scenarios. 

“Next will be Five Parsecs: Planetfall. This game will see you setting out to colonise a new world and exploring it to discover its secrets. Along the way, you will have to fight off hostile intruders, deal with dangerous wildlife, send out scouts and scientists, develop new technologies, and build your home base. As always, this will all be compatible with your existing characters and will be the next step in an expansive universe spanning multiple game systems.”

More expansions for Five Parsecs From Home are on the way, including Expansion 3 and Bughunt, as well as a retail print anthology of the four expansions. Additionally, Ivan and Modiphius are planning further expansions for Five Leagues From the Borderlands, which has been a huge hit in retail stores. 

The team is working on plans for other Five Core games, including a retail edition of Five Men From Normandy. Fans can expect a similar treatment with artwork and a beautiful layout to open up adventures on the frontlines of WW2 and beyond.

More information on Five Parsecs From Home can be found here.

More information on Five Leagues From the Borderlands can be found here.

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