Into the Funnest Frontier!

     By Jim Johnson, STA Project Manager
Byline art by Tobias Richter  


At long last, it’s August 3, which means the release date of the Star Trek: Lower Decks Campaign Guide has arrived! I’m here to…

Wait, what? <checks notes and internal chat discussion>

Oh, right. Hey, everybody, guess what? We moved the release date up a week. Happy not-quite-Star Trek Day, and happy belated Picard Day, or something.

See, this AMAZING episode of Strange New Worlds aired last week, crossing over with Lower Decks, and even though we don’t have the license to SNW, we DO have the license to Lower Decks, and since that episode was a big deal and is present in everyone’s mind right now just like the Pakled threat…

Well, we thought we’d release the book to the world a week early. Because we love all Star Trek and we love all our fans, past, present, and future. And besides, we’re releasing Captain’s Log everywhere next week, and did we really want to have two major Star Trek Adventures releases hitting at the exact same time?

Yes, yes we did. But I digress.

The Lower Decks Campaign Guide is a 240-page tome full of new playable species, new spaceframes, new NPCs, and tons of lore about the lower decks officer experience, whether you play in a Starfleet game or in a game based in any other polity within the Star Trek universe. The guide also contains tons of gamemaster guidance on structuring and running episodes similar to the Lower Decks tone of humor, though the book cannot teach you how to be funny. You’ll have to work that part out on your own, or at least fake it ‘til you make it.

Anyway, enough said. Lower Decks Campaign Guide. It’s now available in print and digital formats for you to buy and enjoy. Go grab a copy, and watch out for Badgey. He’s getting ornery.

Order the Lower Decks Campaign Guide right now in print or PDF on our webstores or DTRPG! Purchase the Star Trek Adventures RPG core rulebook or the starter set and get started gaming in the final frontier! 

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Thanks for reading this article, and thank you for your interest and support of Star Trek Adventures! Keep frequencies open for news about the Lower Decks Campaign Guide and other Star Trek Adventures product releases. Live long and prosper! 

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