Wargames developer at Modiphius Ethan Heywood takes a look at ways you can use the new Fallout objective markers in your tabletop games.

We're excited to have just released shiny new Fallout themed objective markers for use in your games of Fallout: Wasteland Warfare. You can pick them up here.

Each pack contains 5 resin scenic Objective Markers for use in Fallout: Wasteland Warfare! The standout markers from Set A include ‘Big League’, an all-American baseball bat perched atop a crate we assume is full of baseball grenades! Or what about ‘Party Boy’, who can only be described as one of the unlucky folks who went out with a bang after over-indulging with in more ways than one... Click on the image to check it out in the store!

In Set B we have the ‘Destroyed Synth’, possibly a clue to the existence of the wastelands boogeyman? Even the ‘Fusion Core Dump’ will have value to the Brotherhood or even a wandering Atom Cat. Click on the image to check it out in the store!

You could use these Objective Markers in several ways. For use in Fallout: Wasteland Warfare, they have been designed to be slightly larger than the Searchable and Investigation Markers. This allows you to place your Objective Markers over the top of the punch board versions, hiding them to create an immersive battlefield.

Another use for your Objective Markers could be as scatter terrain around your battlefield or adding that perfect bit of character to your dioramas. Are your forces raiding a pre-war military installation? Consider the Weapons Cache. What about skulking around the underground metro systems of post war America? Use the Toolbox and Party Boy. Using the Objective Markers are an effective way to theme your battlefields into the cinematic landscapes we all know and love from the Fallout video games.

By Ethan Heywood