As we approach the release anniversary of Fallout Wasteland Warfare, and now the launch of the RPG expansion, we wanted to give all you budding writers who've been experimenting in the wasteland with your sets, a chance to show your skills and maybe even be rewarded for your talent!

We are running our second Fallout: Wasteland Warfare design competition, this time focusing on scenario and adventure writing!

There are two categories for the competition

1) Fallout Wasteland Warfare Scenario

Entrants must submit either a single scenario (this can be Narrative, Solo, Battle Mode or Co-Op, bonus points if it works for multiple modes) playable in 2 hours or under.

2) Fallout: Wasteland Warfare Roleplaying Game Adventure.
A single one shot roleplaying adventure with at least three story phases of which one must make use of miniatures, playable in 4 hours or under.

Modiphius will review all entries and shortlist the ones they feel best represent the game. These will then be uploaded to the website and our community can vote on the winner of each category!

No entry can win more than one category, but entrants are free to enter each category once (ie Scenario and Adventure). We will accept your first entry only for each category, so make sure you submit the right version of your document. All documents must be submitted in PDF. If you want to include maps or diagrams, include them inside the PDF. Entrants must wholly create their work. We will reject entrants who plagiarise other’s text, however you are allowed to include names, locations, adversaries, events and characters from the Fallout universe. Submissions will not become cannon but are designed to encourage the community to create awesome fun content for each other to enjoy.

Each category will have one winner that receives $250 of credit to spend on the Modiphius webstore, with three runners up prizes of $50.
Entrants must use the form below to submit their entry by midnight Pacific time, 31st August 2019. We'll announce the short list by the end of September for voting. This should give you all enough time to get creative.

*Vault Tec would like to remind entrants that this is a family vault and entries should be suitable for all ages. Any entry not deemed suitable will be disqualified.
** Full terms and conditions can be found at

Get cracking survivors!