Fallout Friday September 2022

By Jon Webb


“Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated”. Yes, Overseer Jon returns to #FalloutFriday duty once again (with thanks to Shaun for stepping in at the last minute to cover last month).

New Releases

September sees the end of the Commonwealth wave, with two last sets to round out your Creatures forces and provide some exciting encounters to unwary players.

The Mongrel Scavenging Pack sees six ravenous hounds (no good boys these) slink from the shadows to pick off stragglers and take down weakened fighters. Of course, a brave (or ...unwise…) Raider might try to befriend a Mongrel for guard dog duty, but buyers beware of that plan. 


If you prefer a helpful Bovine, then the long anticipated Brahmin Herd has arrived. Featuring one unencumbered Brahmin (great for growing those crops) and one loaded down for passing caravans (Blue Ridge anyone?) or a narrative encounter with a lost trader. This set should help add flavour to any Wasteland Warfare table. 


On a similar farming bent, part three of the Unexpected Shepherd arrives. Finishing off the solo choose your path adventure for the Fallout Wasteland Warfare RPG, existing players can finally close out their story and new players can jump in and get the whole experience. 


We’ve also got a complete bundle including everything from the Commonwealth wave that we’ve cunningly called The Commonwealth Bundle. This is your chance to get all the minis and rules from the most recent wave at a big discount.


3D Printing

The digital forge continues to burn with another awesome set of greebles to further flavour all Wasteland Warfare tables. This time we go nature watching, as the Wasteland Critters arrive.

Featuring a range of irradiated creatures, from wolves to house cats, squirrels to frogs, these hideously cute inhabitants of the wilderness provide a sign of life despite all the rads. 

A Dr. Eddie Harrison has even suggested limited communication is possible, but that’s probably the rad sickness talking there. He probably just needs someone to talk to, so  approach with caution.


Community Roundup

Time to dip our toes once more into the glowing pool that is the Wasteland and find some choice nuggets of awesome hobby.

I’ve been on an Instagram dive and there are some incredible hobbyists out there (many of whom have featured here before) so take a look at the #Wasteland Warfare and #Fallout Friday and you might find some new favourites.

Chris (aka the.casual.painter) has been on a New Vegas drive, bringing Marcus, Lily and the Burned Man to life. Bonus points for that intimidating backdrop set of walls to defend any and all settlements.

Meanwhile Callumpaints has a series of box art level pieces. His Protectrons caught my eye (and make me want to shout spaceship for some reason) but do they have the mettle to face off against that terrifying Deathclaw Matriach?

Julian is back as my new found collaborator and he’s continuing his adventures in Appalachia, focusing on his passion for the Blue Ridge Caravan Company. With a Brahmin to defend, these guards should see the precious Peperoni Rolls to hungry settlers.

Julian shows how some imagination, a sharp craft knife and a knack for kit bashing can take any of the range and make it into what you want it to be, so those waiting for specific minis or characters could do well to try out some conversions of their own; I’d love to see them.

The terrain pieces really sell the set and you should be seeing Julian’s work appearing in print soon enough. 

Another regular to my inbox, Adrien has been busy printing and crafting, creating an awesome overpass and a whole host of scatter terrain (I feel like it would make a good home for the Gunners right?) Bonus points for a somewhat bewildered pet wandering past the shot.

Harold seems to have been to Nuka World and picked up more than just the T-Shirt. His horde of Power Armour troops backing up the ever graceful Nuka Girl spell fizzy trouble for sure. They may well have a park to defend in 2023, who can say? I wonder what the stats for Cappy and Bottle are though? 

Finally Levi is back again (thanks as ever for his help scouring the web for images) and he’s finished up the intimidating Swan as well as some brilliant bears. That green really punches through on the Yao Guai for sure. 

The Commonwealth wave may be over, but there are still Bostonian releases to follow. Don’t forget to tune in to ModCon 2022 tomorrow (Saturday 10th) to see the full reveal of wave 7, Forged in the Fire as well as some hints of the future.

Thanks as always to everyone who contributes to these round ups. If you want to see your work here, please email or message me and use the #FalloutFriday so I can be alerted online.

See you all in the Wasteland.

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