Fallout Friday November 11th

By Jon Webb


Greetings Wastelanders and welcome to November’s #FalloutFriday. Once again we take a dash through the irradiated locales of your favourite post apocalypse. 

New Releases (Physical)

The Forged in the Fire wave continues to arrive on your store shelves and gaming tables this month. We move from the hellish fires of the Saugus Ironworks to the wilder regions as more creatures to inhabit your Wasteland. This month the Stingwings and Bloodbugs arrive to menace the skies. 



Each set contains three sculpts that can be painted in a variety of variations with glowing being a fun choice. Check out Julian’s painting guides in the Forged in the Fire book for ideas as to how to achieve the effect.

The wings in these sets are cast in translucent resin and should be either masked off or painted separately to avoid getting primer or paint on them.

The Forged in the Fire expansion itself is nearly here. Current estimates say it will be ready for release next week, so keep an eye on the store or your LGS for that soon. 


New Releases (Digital)

On the SLT front, the team continues to roll out all manner of cool new kits for those of you who like to 3D print. This month we revisit an older kit, but with a fresh new spin. The new Red Rocket set includes a new smaller Red Rocket, plus a Red Rocket garage for those of you who want to theme your CAMP in the glorious colours and theme of this most recognisable of roadside stops.

There are also two optional canopies to take shelter under in case of rad storms, plus several scatter pieces and accessories to really sell the set.

The terrain takes up a lot less table space (and resin) vs the original version, so if you’ve been tempted in the past but want something a little more manageable, this is the set for you. 

The STL set should be available on the usual store fronts early next week.


We recently added the wave 7 cards and points to the downloads page. However, it seems in the excitement to get them into your hands, a few issues crept in and they are not quite as they need to be.

We are working to update and rectify but in the meanwhile eager players can use them to get by if they have picked up the recent releases.

Files can be found here:

Welcome to Callum

One rather exciting bit of news is we have managed to persuade Callum France to join us in the team, taking the role of our new Studio Painter. Some of you may have seen Callum’s excellent robots in previous community round ups and out in the internet, but now he’s on board and already locked away painting top secret new releases for future reveals.

Here’s a quick introduction and some of his previous work.

Hi folks! I’m Callum, and I’m the new Studio Miniatures Painter here at Modiphius.

I started painting 14 years ago, but dipped out of the hobby during secondary school (it wasn’t nearly as cool then as it is considered now!) I started painting again at university, then committed to painting professionally 4 years ago. In that time I’ve worked for a range of established companies - some of you may have already seen my Whiterun Guard tutorial or Fallout showcase published in Wargames Illustrated!

It’s a genuine pleasure to be here, contributing to these captivating games and worlds that we all love.

See you out there in the Wasteland!

Welcome to the team Callum and we can’t wait to see what magic you work on the range going forward.

Community Roundup

Finally, we close out with another look at the hobby efforts being posted by you all on the various social feeds.

A few familiar faces first, starting with MiniNoobi from the Instagram feeds who has freehand a terrifyingly organic looking top to her RoboBrain.

Meanwhile, when he’s not making us terrain and painting guides, Julian continues to chop and change our figures to best suit his needs. This time he’s taken his expert hobby skills to a PVC Zetan, creating a superb conversion with some excellent details. Now, if only there were more Zetan figures for him to play with…

Simon Lam recently featured with some spiky robot conversions. This time he’s been working on a range of Power Armour frames from across the marks. What a great set of paint jobs!

Regular contributor (and helper) Levi Roper has taken inspiration from Fallout 76 to create a striking colour scheme for his Super Mutant Beserkers. Watch out for their close combat rage. 

Manifested Miniatures has gone the extra mile, trimming the excess resin support from their Protectron Worker to really take it up a notch. Some awesome weathering sets it all off (Fallout is all about the weathering!)

Lee Kevin Keating has completed their box of sickly looking Children of Atom and even added a custom piece of terrain (barrels, lots of barrels!) A great paint job… now if only there were some reinforcements coming to round out the Children…

On the terrain front, Dan Byrne has painted up a Robot Workbench for the Mechanist to tinker on their latest creations.

Finally this month Tim Warnke is back with… something… Honestly I am not sure what this is, but it looks wicked and tastily weathered, so I’d happily take shelter behind it when the laser rounds are flying.

That’s it for November. There won’t be any new minis in December, though we should have the physical release of Into the Wasteland for anyone wanting to get their randomly generated adventuring on.

Till next time.

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