Fallout Friday May 12th

By Ben Maunder


It's May, I swear it was only a couple of days ago that I last went for my customary stroll around the wastes to see what was about, but here I go again! Back out of the safety of my little Vault office and into the danger of the sunbaked Wasteland, and I couldn’t be happier about it. So welcome once again, to #FalloutFriday!

New Releases

Domesticated Deathclaw


I have previously discussed my intense loathing of Deathclaws, generally I believe of all the hatreds I hold (Deathclaws, Mystery meat, Bloatflies, that taste in your mouth after brushing your teeth and drinking Orange juice and more, not necessarily in that order) it is probably one of the more reasonable ones. There’s just something about two tonnes of aggressively evolved death-lizards that just doesn’t sit well with me, who would have thought it? Now, based on that, I try to keep my distance -  however, that incredibly sane decision clearly hasn’t stretched to a certain group of super-fascists.  

I fully understand the idea of fighting fire with fire, but the Enclave seems to miss the point of the idea - because I’m fairly sure no matter how fancy the hat, a Deathclaw is still a Deathclaw and will still take the first opportunity it has to rip you in two and chew on all the lovely inside bits that should 100% stay inside. When you strap a mind-control device onto a Domesticated Deathclaw and make it fight others of its kind, I’ll bet a handful of caps all you’re really doing is making it stronger for the day it stops caring about its hat and eats you.

I guess no-one said the Enclave were clever, just very full of themselves. 

Brotherhood of Steel: Citadel Command


Last month on my travels I had the good fortune to meet up with the lovely West Coast Brotherhood of Steel, who were very nice, didn’t shoot me and didn’t steal my stuff. If anything I’m just learning that I have a very low opinion of what makes someone nice. Regardless, this month I seem to have repeated my luck and met up with them once again! Though this time, my company was a little higher on the food chain so to speak, Citadel Command themselves. 

Led by the wise and fantastically bearded Elder Lyons, these folks seem to have a lot of thoughts on the next best step for the Capital Wasteland, most of which seem to revolve around there being a lot more drinking water and a lot less Enclave. As plans go, I can’t say i overly disagree with them, always nice to have another fresh drink around the corner, and a few less megalomaniacal madmen in Power Armor. 

Community Spotlight

Super Mutants, they’re a divisive bunch right? Some of us love them, some of us hate them, others of us just never ever want to be around them when they’re hungry! Either way, I’ve seen a bunch of them about and thought this would be a great time to show a few off.

Overlord DanielKiskery has provided these glorious marauders with a lovely nuclear green! Look at them, so shiny and angry, if only the trees were so vibrant.

Skayas Painting Cabinet has pulled together a veritable horde of Super Mutants, Nightkin, Suiciders, Behemoths and more - it’s a force that would put the fear of god in all but the most zealous of Brotherhood knights. 


There’s another get together coming up, UK Games Expo Friday 2nd of June to Sunday the 4th of June at the NEC Birmingham! All the good folks from the Modiphius Vault will be floating around, with a gorgeous Red Rocket Table and Fallout mini diorama on hand, as well as all sorts of new Fallout releases! Our studio painter Callum France will be about to chat about hobbies and all things made of resin and covered in paint. And I’ll be there if you just want someone to pester for a bit!

And that’s us done for another month, back to the Vault, back to work, back to bed.. If you'd like to get in touch with me for whatever reason may possess you, give me an email at Ben.Maunder@modiphius.com, or come and say hi at UKGE, please bring coffee, it’s the only thing keeping me alive these days!

Stay weird wastelanders!

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