Fallout Friday March 17th

By Gregoire Boisbelaud

 This is Adepticon Time!

Hello Vault Dwellers, from March 22nd to 26th,  it is time to open the doors and scour the mutated lands of Schaumburg Illinois! Adepticon 2023 is upon us and, O, do we have some fun scheduled for you!

Apart from our obvious presence in the exhibit hall with all the new releases and the classic miniatures you expect from your favourite game, this year, we are also offering a couple of events for you to ravage vaults, establish settlements, fight all the creatures of the wasted lands and, maybe, fight for your life against Liberty Prime (which is announced to make an apparition on our booth too, in very limited number)!

On Saturday, March 25th, Ken Horton and Ryan Pecore, the infamous Battlebadgers, will be welcoming you to a Fallout Wasteland Warfare Tournament.

This event will be a 500 cap event, held on smaller boards with modified scenarios to Keep the action fast and dirty in true Fallout style. Do you have what it takes to claim the Midwest Wasteland as your own? And the terrain has been homemade by the hosts, who stream it live during their painting sessions On Twitch.

Wait, there’s more! All Friday and Saturday, The Cincinnati Arsenal Gaming club is inviting you to a narrative semi cooperative event.

In this introductory game, up to eight players can participate in a 30-minute mission to get a feel for the gameplay mechanics. Once they complete the mission, players are free to explore other areas and try more advanced missions run by the players themselves. 

Players are welcome to come and go as they please, as long as space is available. All miniatures will be provided, so all you need to bring is your sense of adventure. The advanced missions have elements from the Fallout video game that they incorporated into the game for non-combat interactions. You'll have the chance to interact with NPCs, trade goods, and complete objectives to gain experience points.

Modiphius is also a partner of the Brush Wielders Union, the community of like-minded miniatures gamers dedicated to playing their games fully painted and supporting one another in their craft. Simon Berman, Chairman, President, and Head Honcho, will be welcoming you in booth #928, to talk about how to make your minis pop without making it a hassle.

So join us for 4 days of relaxed hobby and adventure in the Wasteland, and make the most of the Fallout at Adepticon!

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