Fallout Friday June 22

By Jon Webb


Arriving as regularly as a fresh copy of Publick Occurrences, we invite all Wastelanders to turn the page on the June #FalloutFriday

New Releases

First up, we go over what’s hitting the webstore and the shelves of all the best local gaming stores this month.

June sees the arrival of two long awaited sets of models, one that adds a new faction to the game, and another to provide a boost to any Mechanists looking for automated action.

The Children of Atom Zealot Congregation set includes members of the militant arm of the Church of Atom who worship ‘His Glow’ in irradiated locations throughout the wasteland. This set includes a total of six sworn defenders of the faith, ready to convert you to their faction.

Robot controllers are reinforced with a set of three new Protectrons, featuring a construction engineer, Police Officer or Fire Marshall ready to serve and protect the (somewhat expired) residents of your favourite residential regions of the Wasteland.

Add in a set of the Assaultrons and Protectrons or maybe a Sentry bot, grab your Automatron Card Deck, Robot Work Bench and Mechanist figure and bring a steel wave to your games of Fallout. 

3D Printing

Our push into 3D printing continues unabated, bringing new greebles to decorate your bases and terrain to really sell the Fallout theme.

This month we release the Chems, Meds and Food set, featuring all the notable brands and supplies and plants you might stumble across while trying to survive. Hopefully the Rad-X will kick in and protect you from the worst of the rad poisoning you might pick up if you eat anything on offer.

The set comes both supported and unsupported.

Community Callout

We leave you with another run through the social media channels to pick out some of the highlights of everyone’s efforts. Thanks as ever to Levi for helping me to show off all the hard work out there.

Aaron Moore (https://www.instagram.com/irbesglove/) has converted up the new Gunner officer to be a rather intimidating Raider. With customised cage armour and dirt and grime that looks pretty infectious, this is one thug you might not want to cross.

Long time friend of the community blog Julian is back. Now, what you don’t know yet is Julian has recently come on board as part of my creative team and will be covering the painting guides in upcoming Fallout releases (with hopefully more of his terrain work in time), so I’d like to take this chance to welcome him into the fold.

As I am to Gunners, I think Julian is to the Blue Ridge Traders and he’s been doing his usual bang up job of converting and painting kits to represent some of the guards and pack animals that you might see wending their way through the Big Bend Tunnel bringing supplies and Pepperoni Rolls to the residents of Appalachia. 

Levi is also back with some recruits for the Railroad. Tinker Tom and Deacon are here to fix up your gear or keep an eye on the comings and goings of the Commonwealth Wasteland. I love the browns and dustiness of the clothes on these fine chaps.

Another regular in my feed, Christopher Meyer has printed up the recent flatbed truck and given it a fantastically weathered paint job.

On Reddit, user Deckard_2049 has been working on some Brotherhood of Steel. Looks like that Scribe has forgotten the keys and is trying a different way in (lockpick check anyone?) while his two T60 brothers keep watch for trouble.

On the terrain front, Renaud Thomine got in touch to show some of their incredible swampy terrain. While it's themed around Louisiana as part of a homebrew campaign, this would also make great set dressing for anyone wanting to feature Appalachian vibes in their games.

The sunken APC is a really neat touch and the water effects and vegetation really set it all off.

Thus another community round up comes to an end and we close the vault door once again. But as ever, please keep sharing your hobby efforts and maybe we’ll see them here in the future. Till next month, keep your pipe pistol loaded and your Med Packs close to hand.

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