Fallout Friday July 2021

By Jon Webb

The time has come once again to roll back the Vault Door and peer into the radioactive glow of July’s Fallout Friday.

Release wise, we come to the end of the initial releases for Ceasar’s Legion and the NCR as two troop expansion sets arrive in the form of the Veteran Wave and Ranger Patrol. Owners of the Hoover Dam and other launch sets will of course already have added these powerful new troop choices to their force, but for everyone else there are some great picks in there, including a pair of Legion Hounds and their handler and a great NCR Veteran Ranger with an alternative pose and weapon loadout.

With the two new factions out of the way, the next three months will see several new sets for existing factions, just with a New Vegas spin. Look forward to new Robots, Super Mutants and Companions coming soon.

New Vegas Terrain Competition

Thanks to everyone who contributed entries to the New Vegas Terrain competition. After a slightly sparse start this last month saw a flood of excellent work sent my way.

I’m pleased to announce the following winners. If they can email with their account names for the Modiphius webstore using the same email as the entry was sent in under I will get your credit added to your accounts:

Best Large Piece:
Rainer Blechinger - Rainer took no prisoners, creating an entire table's worth of terrain. Featuring the iconic pieces of scatter such as the ubiquitous billboards, New Vegas sign and a luscious range of cacti, all finely detailed with those little “Fallout” moments of humour (skeletons abound)!

This is a terrain set to be proud of and no doubt makes an awesome backdrop for all manner of Fallout gaming.

Best Small Piece:

Jordan Peacock - Jordan’s custom Khan totem is a stark warning to all the inhabitants of the Mojave to steer clear. It’s a great mix of scrap, spare parts and modelling ingenuity that makes for an awesome objective marker or piece of scatter terrain.



Spirit of Fallout:

Ryan Crumbolt - Ryan picks up the Spirit of Fallout award for this excellent artillery piece inspired by the Boomers and their love of big guns. Built entirely out of scrap and junk it echoed the wastelander approach to recycling found items into useful new gear that all the Fallout games include to some extent.

With many of the entries it’s nice to see an “old school” approach to terrain and hobbying, showing that while 3D printers and MDF kits are all wonderful new tools, sometimes the old ways are just as good.

Thanks to everyone who entered. Here are some more entries just to show the quality of work you all put in. No doubt there will be more competitions in the not too distant future so keep your hobby knives sharp and your bits bin overflowing.


New Vegas cards update

It was brought to our attention that one card seems to have slipped the net and is not included in the New Vegas rules set. The Doctor’s Bag is a useful bit of kit for providing healing, especially for the Legion with their reluctance to use Chems.

The PDF of the card has been uploaded to our downloads page: https://www.modiphius.com/fallout-downloads.html and we will include a hard copy in the Commonwealth expansion for those wanting it physically.

Community update

Hopefully as we all start to safely emerge from lockdowns, we will start to see events kicking off again and the chance to welcome wastelanders both new and old to the game. As ever if you have an event to promote or some awesome miniatures to showcase, drop us a line at support@modiphius.com, marked for the attention of Jon or use the#FalloutFriday and see if you catch my eye.

Here is what caught my attention in July, thanks for everyone’s efforts.

Grimdark Gamers


Johnathon Pittman


Martin Toney


Oliver Reidl


Julian Jeratsch

Alfred Morgan 



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