Fallout Friday July 14th

By Ben Maunder


Well, it’s been another month full of Wasteland wonders and here we find ourselves again. Me, blurry eyed and operating on caffeine and strength of will alone, you, likely much the same but seemingly a lot more optimistic about it all. It’s #FalloutFriday all over again and once more I sit, tip-tapping away to tell you about all the cool stuff brewing away in the Modiphius Vault!

New Releases

Washington Personalities 


Now, I may not be on the airwaves (yet…), but I still take my position as the verbose voice of the Modiphius Vault on my little platform here very seriously. But compared to some of the more eclectic personalities of the Wasteland, I’m not just muted, I’m boring! I mean tell me, after a conversation with Three Dog you don’t hear that man's voice in your head for years to come, “What's up Wastelanders?” come on, you read that in his voice didn’t you. Don’t lie to me, I know!

And then of course, if you head on over to Megaton, well there’s a spot with its own special breed of people. Provided you can get past the doors and through the rather justifiably gruff Sheriff Lucas Simms (A perfectly lovely man once you get past the implied violence should you mess anyone in his town around), you’ll meet all manner of lovely folks, including the ever enthusiastic Moria Brown. Moria is, and hopefully will remain, the only person who’s ever asked me to jump off of a building because she wanted to, quote “see how well I handle injuries.”. Again, quite lovely, but also, quite mad. 

Capitol Companions


On my previous topic of ‘Things you can read in other peoples voices’, lets try “Tunnel Snakes Rule!”. Did you read that in Butch’s voice? Because I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say it and not imitate him, he does say it about as regularly as a Super Mutant laughs the word “Die” in between bursts of homicidal laughter. Though, there is an exclusion to that comment, Fawkes. THe man who single-handedly acts in opposition to the commonly held belief that a Super Mutant able to tie two sticks together may as well be a genius, Fawkes is a veritable treasure trove of scientific and cultural knowledge. Regularly conversing with friends and allies near Underworld before unslinging his Gatling laser to protect those same people. One of those people, who in our continuing list of comparisons, stands in opposition to Fawkes as a man of exceedingly few words, is Charon. Straight laced, with a terrifying level of loyalty and a code of personal ethics that often leaves him in conflict with his own interests, Charon is a bodyguard par-excellence. An expert with his Combat Shotgun, Charon tends to ensure his fights last as long as his conversation, which considering he communicates almost exclusively via grunts, is impressive.

Top Tables in Cologne

Now, just because I’m only allowed out of the office once a month, doesn’t mean that all of you don’t have lives (this is a fact I have yet to fully acclimate to, but I’m getting there slowly), and apparently part of that life is getting together to play games with little facsimiles of Wasteland Warriors. At Top Tables in Cologe, there was even a whole tournament of these games! And I’m lucky enough to have some photos here, so let's settle in and have a little look together shall we? 

Hold up here! Now I know for a fact that the Legion and Enclave have never fought like this! Unless of course there’s a bunch of very angry old folks in that Power Armor…. Considering I’ve been threatened by a toaster recently, stranger things have happened. 

Right, either the Legion are a lot more prolific across the Wasteland and axis of time than I thought, or these games have no consideration for the world as I know it! Does look fun though. 

RIght, this makes a lot more sense, Gunners v Brotherhood, I can cope with this. Here’s hoping that those Paladin’s have spotted the Fatman being pointed in their direction, because if not, it’s probably going to be a pretty short fight. 

More fights, more bullets, more fun! 

Looks like all involved had a great time, glad to see more and more people engage in the grand old world of Wasteland Warfare!

Pretty Things!

And before I sign off for the month, let's have a look over some community projects that have caught our eye!

Firstly from Victoria at https://www.instagram.com/skayas_painting_cabinet/ we have a set of what I can only hope are really happy Brahmin, wonderfully brought to life.

Frederik Olsson has done a stellar job of bringing some life to the plastic bases included with our fancy new T-45 kits, making use of STL’s and ingenuity to create his own scenic bases! Love to see it!

Then we have Alex Smith’s take on the eternally sensible Vault Dwellers, continuing to demonstrate innate intelligence by staying deep within their nice, warm, safe Vaults. I mean look at those crisp yellows and blues, as clear as the day they came off the shelf. 

And rounding us out for the month, is this lovely herd of jolly pack Brahmin from our very own Vault resident Julian - the balloons just sell me on these guys, if they weren’t already cool, the balloons make them cool. 

Sign Off

Well then various Wasteland weirdos, that's all for this month! And as we say bye to each other (I know, I’m sad too) we also say goodbye to our eighth wave of Wasteland Warfare as we officially close off the Capital Wasteland! What comes next? Who knows? Well, I do, and soon… you will too. As always, if you want to reach out, feel free to poke me at ben.maunder@modiphius.com, I accept all forms of coffee and biscuits, so if you can find a way of digitising them that would be great.  Until next time - Stay Weird Wastelanders!

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