Fallout Friday Feb 2022

By Jon Webb


Once again Wastelanders, it’s time for me to fire up the Pip-Boy, grab my trusty Laser Rifle and open the vault doors on another #FalloutFriday.

I’d like to throw a massive thanks out to Levi Roper who stepped in to give me a hand this month, cheers for that.

3D Printing

Our talented team of 3D sculptors continues to create another set of STLs ready to grace your tables. For our final go around Nuka World (for now) this month sees a customisable set of buildings themed around everyone’s favourite Wild West frontier park. Featuring single and double storey buildings with a variety of porch and decking options and even swappable shop signage, these buildings can either be used as LoS blocking terrain, or with some clever use of the barrels and boxes from last month or your own scatter terrain can add some height to your battle fields, allowing the action to climb. A good excuse to refresh yourself with the fall damage rules perhaps?

Rounding the set out is a classic windmill just begging for a sniper to take up station on its upper platforms and pick off the enemy.

We’ll be taking a break from the park next month, but there is one more (horrifying) set of terrain themed around Nuka World that is coming soon and I’m sure we will be back in time, there are still so many awesome corners of the park to explore.


What’s that coming over the hill? No, not a monster, but a gigantic, Communism smashing death dealing machine of war. They said it would never happen, but Liberty Prime has finally powered up, filled its bomb racks and is marching to war.

Yes, the long anticipated Liberty Prime module has arrived. Featuring rules and cards to field your Prime model, as well as a three part campaign letting you play as the Brotherhood of Steel as they try to bring Prime to bear, or else the poor fools trying to stop them.

Liberty Prime is currently out of stock but don’t worry, the factory will be hard at work casting up a new batch soon, so anyone wanting to take part in this epic clash shouldn’t have too long to wait. In the meanwhile, grab your smallest child or a family pet, wrap them in tinfoil and they can stand in for the mighty Prime (please don’t do this)!

Best of all, as thanks for everyone’s patience with the wait, the Prime rules will be made as a free download for you all. We’ll be putting them onto the downloads section just as soon as we make the last few tweaks to the layout. So, its nearly time to unleash Liberty on the Wasteland.

Terrain Competition

Last month I hinted that we were going to be running another terrain competition and it’s time to lift the lid on that.

Given we have been doing so much STL product these last few months I wanted to make that a feature, but I also don’t want to put off scratch builders, resin lovers and even those of you who like to use 3rd party kits to decorate your battle fields, so to ensure all variations of terrain builder are covered and no one feels disadvantaged, I’m doing this one with several categories so you all get to shine.

Each category will have one winner, earning themselves $100 credit to spend on the webstore. You could use that to add some of the new STL bundles or pick up some of our classic resin kits. Or you could save it for the Commonwealth release which is almost upon us.

The categories are as follows. Note, there will be some amount of judges' decision in this as I don’t want to limit creativity, so aim for around 90% minimum of a given category but I reserve the right to move you to a different category if I see fit.

Aim for one decent sized piece of scatter terrain at most (a building, cluster of trees, scatter terrain piece or similar).

Category 1 - 3D printed. This category is for anyone who has been using our STLs to decorate their tables and terrain. Show off one or more of the recent releases in all their glory.

Category 2 - Resin terrain. This category is for anyone who likes to paint up our resin terrain offerings. Paint one or more pieces of terrain from the physical range.

Category 3 - Scratch build. This is the one for all you traditionalists who like to build your terrain from the junk of the wasteland itself. Show off one or more pieces of terrain you have created from the ground up using junk materials and crafting skills.

Category 4 - Mixed. Entries for this category can use any or all of the above options as well as 3rd party products. Maybe you have an MDF house kit that you have modded with some resin Fallout details, maybe you have taken one of the STLs but then combined it with your own scratch building skills to make something unique, almost anything goes here really.

Community Roundup

Once again, #FalloutFriday ends with my favourite bit, checking out all the amazing work out in the community. Feel free to drop me an email with your work at jon.webb@modiphius.com if you have something you want featured. I can’t promise we will fit everyone in, but I’ll showcase anything that catches my eye.

Over in the Facebook group Michael Jordal has been painting up some of the New Vegas wave. Burning bright is their Joshua Graham, The Burned Man. With Michael picking out some amazing detail throughout this miniature, the jeans really stand out with great tones and contrast.

Over on the War Games News Radio discord, Dan Beresford's Super Mutants have great skin tones and highlighting. Taking centre stage is their kitbash of the Broadsider. Who will dare stand in the way of this old naval cannon? Dan’s also got some awesome critters in his collection, including an imposing Albino Deathclaw.

On Instagram @dmitriygorbas and been to work on a glowing Radscorpion. With a fully kitbashed base, this miniature really comes to life with its dynamic pose and some great radioactive glow.

Also on Instagram, returning painter Clara (@mininoobi) is back with a brilliantly converted and painted set of figures. This Nightkin looks dressed to kill (literally) and the extra details and creatures really set the scene. Comrade Chubs seals the deal and caps off a wonderful and creative set of work.

As well as chipping in to help me compile this month’s round up, Levi has also done a great job on the Sentry Bot. Fans of Fallout 76 may recognise Bessie who will make for a great protector when the Brahmin arrive later in the year.

In the Facebook group Bill Faint's mutants have been killing many things and gathering them up into their meat bags. Bill is a newer recruit to the game and alongside his son is creating a great set of terrain and figures. Welcome to the Wasteland to you both.

Lastly on Facebook Adrien Feroc has been sharing his streets of downtown Boston. You may recognise several of his vehicles from last year’s community roundup. This time he’s back with a great mix of our recent STL releases, 3rd party terrain and scratch built parts, that really brings this board to life. You can almost hear the gunshots echoing through the ruins and buildings.

That’s it for now, but keep an eye on the social feeds for the announcement that the Liberty Prime Campaign is ready for download, keep submitting your #FalloutFriday photos and get your planning underway for the terrain competition.

Till next time,


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