Fallout Friday April 14th

By Ben Maunder


Would you look at that? Once again the doors have opened and once more I’m allowed out to poke my nose around the wastes and see just what's going on. Though this time things are immediately different from the last two sojourns into the big wide Wasteland, there’s the smell of democracy in the air and the sound of a man screaming about tunnel reptiles… I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about. Welcome again friends and fiends, to #FalloutFriday!

New Releases

New Books

It’s been a dry few months in the Vault, I can tell you that much, the Water Chips busted and the guy we sent out to find a new one never came back. Its taken some time, effort and a lot of creative thinking with rubber bands and gum, but everythings back up and running, so much so that we’ve got the time to send out another ‘Brave Adventurer’ (that’s what it says on my name badge anyway) to see what more lies hidden in the wastes.


Now, as my previous trips have shown, I’m a fan of wandering the weird spots around the world, but this is distinctly the furthest I have ever been from my little Vault home. And I’ve got to say, it's a far cry from the Commonwealth I know and loathe, not that that’s a wholly bad thing. Thankfully, I’m not completely unprepared for this brave new world, my handy dandy Fallout: Wasteland Warfare - Capital Wasteland book is bursting with information to keep me out of a Super Mutant’s gut! Be it a Highway, Museum, Sewer or Vault, I can flip through this lovingly crafted tome to see exactly what awaits me! Regardless of how much I actually want to know what flavour of mutated monster I’ll be avoiding for the rest of my day. It also comes with a bunch of little cards, noting all the movers and shakers in the Capital, old and new - keeping me only ever a flashcard away from knowing exactly who's shooting at me.

Just in case you plan on following me into the Capital Wasteland (because you clearly have some kind of deathwish, but who am I to judge?), you’ll be able to get your hands on this incredibly useful book wherever good things are sold from Friday the 14th of April, May 12th for our friends in the US of A however. The brahmin do take their time swimming that far…

New Miniatures

Not to say that every person you meet out here is likely to kill you of course, at least not on purpose. Despite the weird tasting water she’s handing out, alongside some really convenient paper for wiping up any you might spill, Rosa Mietner seems to be a lovely person. More than willing to help any cause, Rosa promises to bring as much of her Holy Water as possible, and we all know how important it is to keep hydrated.


Not long after meeting Rosa, I’ll admit I was feeling a bit peaky, must have been something I ate. So I took a break from the blazing sun in an old Library, though I may be able to pick up some light reading whilst I was there. It’s not like I had any way of knowing that the Brotherhood of Steel had set up shop, but there they were, bold as brass, all decked out in brand spanking new Power Armor to boot.


Having spent most of my time in the Commonwealth, I’m a bit more used to the Brotherhood's standing ethos of “shoot first, ask questions when it's convenient.”. So I wrote off the idea of doing anything more than just bailing out of the Library like a man who’s just remembered their book is several decades overdue. So imagine my surprise when they didn’t just atomise me with the worryingly large host of firearms they had access to. But rather asked who I was and where I was from, how very charming, Spending a bit of time in their company I got to see the sheer variety of kit they had to hand, different pieces of armor, new weapons, all sorts! Let it never be said they don’t know how to best equip their men in the Capital. Now if only their brethren in the Commonwealth could mimic their manners…


After a bit of time at the library and a chat with their lovely Commander (who borrowed my guidebook, permanently, without permission) I decided it was time to be on my way, thankfully the Brotherhood offered to spare me a few of theirs for ‘protection’. I’m still convinced it was just to make sure that I actually left, but I’ll never turn down the help of well armed and dangerously well trained friends. So, with my new entourage of Brotherhood elite I took back off into the Wastes, ready to see what other sights the Capital have to offer!


So, last month Gregoire gave us all the lowdown on something called Adepticon, some weird pre-war meeting where people got together to dramatically reenact wars from the past, present and future via the medium of plastic toys. As far as hobbies go, that sounds pretty interesting, Atom knows I’d rather have models doing all the fighting for me rather than having my eyebrows burnt off every week by laser rifle fire. We’ve got some lovely photos of the day now, so whilst we’ve got some time, let's have a look through them!

Over a bunch of tables that are smothered with some incredibly… familiar looking bits of terrain, we see a variety of also familiar looking models with bottle-caps all over the shop! Because clearly people are happy to just leave their money lying around?

Hold on, I’ve heard of these guys! And I’m fairly certain that the Legion hasn’t had much in the way of open combat with the Brotherhood of Steel, so does this game let people throw groups from across the wastes at each other at will? If so, that’s very nice… Can I make a Brahmin knock out an Enclave soldier?

More Brotherhood seemingly moving through a swathe of Synths, can’t say I like their chances but hey, bravery and stupidity are close cousins!

Now, like many others in the Wasteland, I’m a sucker for a shiny bit of loot and it looks like these Wasteland warriors are no different! Looks like Vault Boy has developed a bit of a mean streak in these trophies, a far cry from the posters dotted around at home!

And there we are! Look at all of those happy faces, clutching onto their loot and spending another day safe from the atomic wasteland the rest of us find ourselves in! I can see they’ve got a crate of Nuka Cola there as well, good thing too, after a long hard day of waging Wasteland Warfare, I’m sure I’d be dying for a cold one too.

Speaking of which, its time for a break, a Nuka Cola and a lovely plate of Blam’Co Mac and Cheese, so until next time Wastelanders keep safe and don’t drink the glowing water. If you#d like to get in touch with me for whatever reason may possess you, give me an email at Ben.Maunder@modiphius.com!

Stay weird wastelanders!

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