Even More New Lives and New Civilizations

By Jim Johnson, STA Project Manager

Byline art by Berenice


Most Star Trek episodes across the decades of the franchise introduce at least one new alien species or critter our heroes can interact with, battle, or otherwise contend with. This incredible diversity of beings, sentient and non-sentient alike, are hallmarks of the franchise and showcase how humanity is but one small part of a greater whole.

Star Trek: Lower Decks endeavors to add to that diverse tapestry by regularly presenting new alien species and cultures. Be it the Apergosians, Drookmani, or Khwopians, the series carries on the tradition set by the earlier series. And now, with the release of the Lower Decks Campaign Guide for the Star Trek Adventures roleplaying game, we take that tradition a step further and bring 11 new alien species to your game table. Usable as either player characters or non-player characters, this book provides a hugely diverse array of playable alien species. Wanna meet them? Let’s go!

First, let’s present the newcomers Apergosians and Clickets, as well as the first of our Next Generation-inspired species, the Cetaceans. Once confined to dialogue mentions and a little picture on a deckplan, it’s now possible to play a fully-realized Cetacean character in the game. Throw off your shirt and hop into the water with them, it’s fine!

Next up are two more Next Generation originals, the Exocomps (given new life and much more detail in episodes of Lower Decks) and the Tamarians (from the standout episode “Darmok”). While the hours away at your game table by speaking entirely in metaphors, without easily-understandable context! We also have a deep cut from the original series, the indomitable Gorn. Because who wouldn’t want to roleplay a two-plus meter tall bipedal lizard with a bad attitude and faceted rainbow eyes?

Finally, we round out the species selection with two more Next Generation offerings, the Kaelon (last seen in the TNG episode “Half a Life”) and everyone’s favorite unsuspecting galactic terror, the Pakleds (“Samaritan Snare” and several Lower Decks episodes).

And if those eight fully playable species weren’t enough for you and your group, we also provide abbreviated statistics and guidance on bringing the Anabaj, Hysperians, and Kzinti into your games as well. With eleven new playable species, the Lower Decks Campaign Guide provides a IDIC-worthy spread of options for your gaming delight!

Preorder the Lower Decks Campaign Guide, and receive the PDF right away! Purchase the Star Trek Adventures RPG core rulebook or the starter set and get started gaming in the final frontier!

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